How to Edit Images Using WordPress Image Editor?

WordPress Image Uploader

Adding Images or Pictures in between the articles will have a great impact on the bounce rate and it is also beneficial to users in understanding the theme of the article. There is a famous saying – A picture speaks 1000 words and it is 100% correct. Embedding a right image at the right position will make your article more appealing to the readers. However, image editing is a big problem for many. Normally, we have to crop, rotate or scale the images using some third-party tools and then upload them to our WordPress editor. Doing so will kill a lot of our productive time. Luckily, WordPress has recently announced that you can do the basic image editing directly in your dashboard itself.

WordPress now provides the functionality of basic image editing inside our WP dashboard. Basic functionality includes cropping, rotating, scaling and flipping the images vertically or horizontally. This tip is useful for people who use public computers for publishing posts where they’ll have less availability of third-party editors like PhotoShop etc…

Tip: Use .htaccess to prevent hotlinking of images in WordPress.

How to Edit Images in WordPress Image Editor?

All you need is to upload your image using the inbuilt image/video uploader while writing a post or simply go to Media > Add New Tab.

Upload Images WordPress

Once your image is uploaded, click on “Edit image” button located below the image.

Edit Images in WordPress

You’ll be taken to an editing window where you can select from different options like Crop, Rotate, Flip or Scale.

WordPress Image Editor

This pretty handy tool comes to the rescue in many situations where in you don’t have any additional tools to work with your images.

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