WordPress Guide for Beginners

WordPress is undoubtedly the number 1 blogging platform of all but unlike Blogger or Blogspot platform, a WordPress user need to have a few technical skills to handle it perfectly. This is the reason why I’ve created this WordPress tutorial for newbies who wanted to get started with WordPress. I’ve put in my complete experience and knowledge I gained all these years to create this WordPress for beginners guide.

Why Everyone Chose WordPress Platform for Blogging?

This is byfar the most asked question by a newbie blogger. WordPress is one of the best content management system that comes SEO customized by default and is also easy to customize by using several WordPress plugins. Start reading more about Why WordPress is better than Blogspot blogs to understand the value of WordPress.

How do I Install WordPress on Hosting Sites?

WordPress is supported by most of the web hosting services online. You can install WordPress either manually or using a click-to-install option.

Tip: Install WordPress on your local machine for testing purpose. Once you’re done with testing, you can simply import your changes to the live WordPress site.

Once the WordPress is installed, you can choose the WordPress plugins and WordPress themes to make your blog more appealing to the visitors.

A few more tools or WordPress plugins need to be installed to complete the WordPress setup.

WordPress SEO Tips

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an essential or mandatory process which should be handled very carefully. SEO Optimization starts with basic keyword research and continues to OnPage optimization and OffPage optimization. Below are few WordPress SEO tutorials you can check out for better understanding of How to do SEO for a blog.

WordPress being an open-source CMS is targeted more by the hackers and so proper security measure have to be taken to get your blog away from hackers.

Social Media Optimization

With the new search algorithm in place, most of the Search Engines are now considering social elements as one of the priority while ranking a website or blog. So, the more social presence you have, the better you rank in Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Make Money through Blogging

It’s a known fact that you can make money through Blogging. There are several ways you can earn money online from a blog.

Hope, I covered most of the basic part what a newbie Blogger might need. If you’re are looking for more advanced tutorials about WordPress, do check out the below resources.


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