Earn Money Online by Making Use of Your Writing Skills

Everyone like to earn money online and so do you. Today I am writing about few sites where you can join and make money online by making use of your skills. Yes, do what you’re really good at and earn passive income from your hobby/skill.

There are several money making sources online apart from Blogging and/or freelancing that goes well with your talent.

Below is a list of websites where you can get paid for writing about marketing, product creation, designing, coding etc…

Make Money Writing Articles

Websites that Pay for Writing Content

Are you good at writing content that could attract the readers? Then you can make use of your skill to earn a decent income from content writing.

  1. WorldStart: Write articles on topics such as computer tips, technology and earn $25 to $50 depending on the word count.
  2. WP Web Host: It’s a web hosting company which deals with WordPress and at WPWebHost, you can earn $100 for your article if accepted. All your articles should be about WordPress.
  3. Dollar Stretcher: They accept articles on different topics such as how-to guides, food, clothing, lifestyle and many more. They pay $0.10 per article and an article length should not be less than 800 words. That means you’ll get $100 per 1000 words.
  4. Make a Living Writing: They pay you $50 for writing an article on “make money writing” niche.
  5. 1stWebDesigner: Write useful articles on designing earn $50 to $75 per article (depends on quality).
  6. PSD Tut+: Are you good at Photoshop? Then you can write a tutorial (photoshop tricks) and earn $50 to $150 per article.
  7. Vector Tut+: Write everything about Vector tutorials and earn about $150 per article.
  8. Audio Tut+: Unlike other popular paying sites, you can write short articles of about 500 words each and earn $50 easily.
  9. Net Tut+: Are you a programmer? If yes, this is surely the best site on the net that pays $150 per each article (should be unique of-course).
  10. TheRenegadeWriter: They pay around $50 per post and the topics should include the business of writing, marketing your writing, productivity, motivation, query writing, how to diversify your income, deciphering contracts, and the care and feeding of clients.

There are several other websites that pay people for writing content on their blogs such as Pro Blog Design, PXleyes and Metro Parent but I have a good experience with the above listed sites and so I’m only displaying the websites that I know clearly.

Hope you liked the article! Why wait, go and earn money online by utilizing your skills. If you’re familiar with any other popular websites that pay for writing for sure, then please drop them in the comments below so that others can get benefited.


  1. I wrote an insightful comment and you didn’t publish that. One should learn to take criticism the same way appreciation is taken. Atleast you could’ve said in a reply that you’ve taken the actions. My work is nowhere now.

  2. yes your article was excellent, I was thinking about all this and more the other day. This is my very first comment here and I’ll come back with pleasure on this blog!

  3. thanks for the beautiful list radhe, my writing skills are not very good but i will definitely try this at once.

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