Understanding the Basics of Guest Blogging

In the 21st century, we are living in a technologically-controlled world. Nowadays, the Internet has become sort of an open library; the most useful technology of the modern times which helps us not only in our daily lives, but also plays an important role in developing our personal and professional lives.

Most of the people use the Internet daily for writing blogs. Now you might ask, what is a blog? A blog is a free internet site on which you can post or publish your articles, jokes, pictures, audio recordings, videos and even your own thoughts as to how your day went and so on. The big corporate sites are now using guest blogging for promoting their sites. You can also make money by writing guest posts.

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What is Guest Blogging?

It is the latest idea of the corporate people for attracting clients. It is basically a mutually beneficial business between a professional blogger and a website-owner. The concept is quite straight forward:

Basics of Guest Blogging
  • The author writes an article and submits it to the blogger.
  • The blogger decides whether the article fits his blog or not, and if the answer is yes, he publishes it on the site. If someone has a blog and wants to branch out for more traffic, then he or she just has to start guest blogging.
  • A guest blogger actually is a guest of a particular blog or the corporate site, someone who is an original part of the organization owning the site and yet gets to write a post in it. Guest bloggers do their work depending on the contract, basically. They may contribute for only one time, or in a series. It may appear at an interview or as a regular column. You are restricted regarding your sense of creativity and willingness in trying something new while maintaining your blog, and this is where the guest bloggers step in. With a guest blogger at hand, you become all-in-one. It is the newest way to advertise.

Guest Blogging is mainly of two types:

  • If anyone submits their articles to you for publishing in your blog, then he/she will contact you and ask you to give him/her a guest column. Similarly you can yourself request a blogger for this.
  • You as a blogger contact someone and request him/her to offer you a guest column in his/her site.

The main catch in the concept of guest blogging is that when you are writing as a guest blogger, you are making yourself available to the audience of that site also. Do your guest blogging work for only those blogs where you are sure to be noticed, i.e. where the traffic is more. If the traffic is more, your work has a higher chance of being noticed. In this way you can make a name for yourself in the blogging community. You can come to terms with the blogger and at the same time, give a link to your own site to drive the online traffic towards yourself.

Guest blogging is allowed mainly for getting free content. The publishers have the right to review the articles and make necessary changes to suit their needs. But their main advantage is that they don’t have to pay anything for them. After you become a regular blogger, you start having your reputation. You have your own audience and in a way, you start earning more clicks to your website. In this way, you get to meet the who’s who in your field and spread your knowledge.

Choosing a Guest Blog Writer:

The first and most important thing to look for in a guest blogger is his or her desire and willingness to give more than he or she can get. The blog owners always want a guest blog which is absolutely error free. And it should be a good advertising article. And it is also important for a guest blog writer to interact with his/her old blog. If after his/her guest post is published he or she never interacts with that blog again in the future, this is not only bad etiquette but he or she also misses out on an opportunity to further interact with the previous blog owner.

When anyone reads an article you have written for someone else and likes it immensely, it is quite natural that he will feel the urge to know more about you. It is then that he will follow up on the URL that you have attached to your post on that site. This is the way in which traffic is diverted to your site on the Net. The more related a topic is, the more traffic diversion you can create. After a certain point, this new traffic is going to provide you with new subscribers. Writing a guest blog for others’ websites ensures that your skills as a writer improve.

Stay Tuned as we’ll list out the Best Blogs for Submitting Guest Posts.


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