Top 6 FREE & Paid Traffic Sources to Get Targetted Visitors

No matter how well you designed your blog or how creatively you write, your blog will go wasted if it is not properly promoted. The immediate thing I do after writing an article is to promote it using several link building techniques (comes under off-page optimization). The main objective of link building is to get backlinks as well as drive traffic to your website or blog. In general there is a huge list of link building techniques in SEO (we shall discuss them in our future post) but for now, let us discuss the quality sources for getting targeted traffic to our blog.

Top FREE Traffic Sources for Quality & Targeted Traffic

Guest Blogging

I’ve discussed about the benefits of guest blogging long back and personally recommend this as the #1 source of quality traffic. The thumb rule here is that you’ll need to submit a well-written article on a blog of your niche. Doing so, you’ll get quality backlink, targeted traffic, and loyal readership.
Guest Blogging Basics
Targeted Traffic = Less Bounce Rate

Blog Commenting

The second best way to get quality backlink + traffic is to comment on other blogs in your niche. Don’t bother whether it is a dofollow blog or a nofollow as you’ll have to parallelly comment on both types of blogs for better traffic. While DoFollow blogs give you backlinks, nofollow blogs send you quality traffic. The thumb rule here is to choose the best or authority blogs in your niche for commenting.
DoFollow Blogs List
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Paid Ad Campaigns

Although, this is paid source of traffic, you can get targeted visitors to your blog i.e., people who are looking for the particular product or topic. If you’ve some money, I’d recommend you to try paid campaigns to drive targeted traffic to your website. A mere 5$ is enough to get started with Google Adwords as you can get 25$, 100$ coupons on the web (try Fiverr). There are many great Adwords alternatives on the web. We shall discuss about those in our upcoming post.

YouTube Videos

Video Blogging (viral marketing) is trending now and if you’re good at explaining things virtually, then it’s recommended to try YouTube marketing. These days most affiliate marketers are trying out the video marketing it helps in getting more lead conversions to the affiliate products they’re promoting. Just create & upload a video about any popular topic in your niche and leave your blog URL (or affiliate link) in the description. The traffic count depends on the quality of your video. So, try to provide useful information in your videos.

Social Media Marketing

It is advised to have fan pages for your blog on the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest (Not all niches will see the benefits with Pinterest) and promote your articles on your fan pages. Try to conduct some giveaways to increase fans to your fan pages. As most of the users who liked your pages are interested in your niche, there are more chances to get targeted traffic to your blog.

Note: Just to let you know – Google Adsense doesn’t give good CPC for Social media traffic (Referral traffic). You can also try to display Adsense ads only to Search Engine Visitors to improve CPC & CTR.

We shall discuss more about improving social media fans to your blog in our future post.

Email Marketing

Out of all the traffic sources, the users who subscribe to your blog will be the best loyal visitors for your blog. They subscribe only because they loved your content. So, never ignore your email subscribers. Always display an option on your blog (sidebars or popup) for users to subscribe with their Email ID. In case you wanted to optimize the email campaigns, then you can try premium services like Aweber or MailChimp.

I hope, by now, you have got the idea on how to drive quality traffic to your blog. If you got any better traffic sources that bring quality traffic to your blog, then please share with us in the below comments.

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    1. Hello Rafi, These are the common traffic sources for most of the blogs for getting quality traffic and so didn’t try to modify the list. And this is for the beginners. Will try to compile a list (adv) soon..Thanks for your feedback.

  1. Hey Radha,

    Nice Tips can you explain clearly on how one can use ad words coupon. Google always sends me coupons but I don’t know how to use them. Do you have any experience with using Adwords. A tutorial on how to use adwords coupon is appreciated.

    Thanks for the article, presently I am trying commenting and guest blogging both are doing great.

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  3. Social Media Marketing really gets a lot of traffic. All you need to do is just build some connection and get your way through them Share some thgins , and the results turn out to be great.

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