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Well, today I got a mail from a blogger friend of mine asking for niches/blogs that doesn’t require regular updates & maintenance. I immediately told him that apart from news stories and product reviews, most of the niches are independent of time. However, he was curious to know everything in-depth and so I just did some homework and came up with a few timeless niches where-in you don’t have to struggle waking up in the morning and stay till dark to catch the headlines.

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Timeless Niches: Niches that are independent of Time

Content that never ExpiresFirst of all, we shall discuss about the niches that are time dependent such as technology, gadgets, news (includes everything like films, politics, weather etc…) and so on… The main disadvantage of these niches is that the content or the information you provide will go out of date quickly with time and so if you’re not updating your blog at the right time, then you’re going to end up in vein.

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However, the niches that I am going to discuss here are independent of time as the information will neither get expired nor has nothing to do with season or year.

Let’s keep it simple and short.

Relationship and Dating Tips: It is one of the most popular timeless niche where-in people come searching for relationship problems, dating ideas and so on. So, if you’re an expert dealing with people having trouble with relationships, you’re good to go with this niche. Believe me; you’re going to attract pretty good traffic if you’re good at this concept.

Note: The Adsense CPC for this niche is a bit low. However, there are pretty good chances of earning from affiliate products and that will definitely be higher than the Adsense revenue.

Health and Weight Loss: Although this niche is a bit tough to rank, chances are high to turn it into a success if you provide in-depth tutorials. And in order to achieve it, you should do a proper research on those subjects. Weight loss is an ever green niche where-in you’ll get awesome results if maintained properly.

Note: Combining both Adsense and Affiliate marketing will do wonders in this niche especially.

Life Quotes: Quotes are timeless and no matter whenever you read one, they make sense. People usually search for quotes to use several occasions, some use them to impress their beloved, some in presentations, and a read them to get inspiration in life.

Tip: Better convert life quotes text into images and then use them while posting to avoid any duplicate content issues, as the quotes shall be used unmodified.

Cooking (Recipes): Are you fond of cooking? Do you have expertise in making wide variety of dishes? Then this niche is suited for you. Try to give unique tips + video tutorials and help the housewives (especially the newly married). If you’re recipes are unique and easy to be prepared, then you’ll surely get popular in no time.

Spirituality: People now can read Bhagavatgita or famous Bible which was written thousands of years back by our ancestors and they make sense even today. So, people who get frustrated with life will opt for spirituality as their last hope to have peace.

Tip: Make use of spiritual videos to highlight your content.

Well, these are just a few niches which don’t depend on trends or seasonality. And so, if you’re fully occupied with your job or other related work and still wanted to blog, then you may consider these 5 niches as they doesn’t require you to work regularly (30min to 1hr per day or two is enough).

What do you say guys? Do you’ve any other niches in mind that need less maintenance? Please do share with us.


  1. Yes true if you have a Films or a education or any news blog than you will end to update it daily otherwise chances of working of blog is less.Also yes i am agree with your points that health or love relationship blogs does not need much daily activity.I Am agree dear with your almost all the points.

  2. This is an excellent post. I liked this post very much. All things are described in very excellent way.It is a great information and helps everyone. Congratulations on your work, always with great posts. In my
    eyes you should keep on such kind of postings for us.The quality of your articles makes me come back frequently and check your website for more articles! In future I would like to come here again for some new and more information. Best of Luck.

  3. To add more to this list a motivational blog like (zenhabits) is also a life time niche which never fades out.., apart from that Informational blogs do stand as timeless niche but attracts little work to make that information correct for all times..

  4. I haven’t started my blog as yet as I’m still deciding what niche to start with. It’s never easy to find a niche that is evergreen and you mentioned in your post health and weight loss is a great niche to go into. My only concern is its just too competive and it make take far too long to get any traffic to my site. how much cost

    1. If you choose the main categories, it will definitely take time to rank but instead you can go for sub-categories (specific).

      Ex: Instead of covering all topics related to health, go for specific categories such as syndromes, yoga, beauty tips, diet programs, etc…

    1. niche is nothing but topic/category (in layman’s language)…Writing about a single category (let’s say film news); If you’re writing about films, just stick to the niche “films’ and don;t write anything about exam results, political news etc which might be distracting to your readers. Niche sites will usually have regular and loyal readers..Its the advantage of niche sites..hope you got it…

  5. Very informative post but i guess its very difficult for newbie bloggers to build a blog and establish it well in these niches because they are already crowded and there is heavy competition. For newbies it is suggested to start micro niche site by choosing a niche with low competition and high search volume If their sole aim is making money.

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