How to Restrict WordPress Blog Access by IP or Logged in Users?

Are you launching a product or just testing out something new, and just created a WordPress blog? If so, I’m sure you don’t like to make it public before the launch. Wondering how to do it? It’s pretty simple! You can limit users from accessing to your site by restricting IP addresses.

How to Restrict WordPress Site by IP or Logged in Users?

  1. First of all, install and activate the ‘Restricted Site Access’ plugin.
  2. Go to Settings > Reading.
  3. Scroll down until you find the option ‘Handle restricted visitors’.

    Next, you can choose to ‘restrict site access to visitors who’re logged in or allowed by IP address’. If you choose this option, only the people you’ve allowed can access your site while you can redirect the rest using different options

    • Send them to the WordPress login screen
    • To specified address
    • Display a simple message
    • Redirect to another landing page.
  4. Save changes.

Note: Make sure to add your system IP address in the unrestricted IP address text box along with the users IP’s whom you want to allow or else you’ll not be able to access your own site.

This particular plugin is extremely useful in cases such as you’re testing your site before launching any product. In addition, you can create private blogs especially for your friends and family using this plugin.

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  1. Hi Radha,

    Daily you are posting some interesting article on WordPress. Everyday I wait eagerly for what you are going to post next. You have also migrated your Techzene from blogger to WordPress, cover some of the migration tips in your coming articles. I loved your tutorial on Yoast plugin settings posted few days ago.

  2. another great plugin for WordPress. That is why WordPress is the most used blogging platform. I will surely use this plugin when I have to and your post made it too easy to install and use this plugin

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