How to Regenerate Thumbnails in WordPress in Bulk?

People usually face the problem with thumbnails when they switched to a new WordPress theme. A few problems faced by them are:

  • All the images uploaded after the theme change are displaying properly next to the post excerpts while the images uploaded while the old theme was in action are not displaying properly.
  • Even adjusting the image sizes in Settings > media didn’t solved the problem.

This problem exists mainly if your newly activated theme uses different sizes for thumbnails than the old one. In such cases, the best thing to do is to regenerate all the thumbnails to match your new themes thumbnail size.

  1. Simply install and activate the ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ plugin.
  2. Go to Tools > Regen. Thumbnails
    Image thumbnails not showing wordpress; solution
  3. Press the button that says ‘Regenerate all Thumbnails’.
    Regenerate Thumbnails in WordPress

That’s it! The plugin will now starts generating new image sizes defined in your new theme. In case if you want to regenerate sizes for individual images, you may do so by visiting Media > Library and click on the ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ link beside each image.

Note: No existing images will get affected. The plugin just creates duplicate copies with new sizes.

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