What is Known as a Quality Backlink?

We’ve already discussed about  the Basic SEO Tips and their importance. One of the most discussed topic in entire SEO process is the ‘Link Building’.

Building quality links to your site will let Google understand the importance of your site which indirectly helps in improving the ranking of your website in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

The more quality backlinks aimed at your blog, more the credibility of the blog. There are even more ranking factors in SEO other than just Link Building. But we will discuss those in our future posts. Let’s go one after one.

What are Backlinks and Uses of Link Building?

Backlinks are nothing but the links that are pointed to your website or blog. Backlinks are also known as incoming/inbound links. The importance of Back Links in SEO is high because the more backlinks your website had, more the chance for it to get ranked top in the search engines. All the top search engines have already included the backlinks factor in their search algorithm to decide the credibility of websites.

So do you think that all the links coming from other sites is enough to make your blog to the top of the search engines?

No! There is a twist here! Because the more number of incoming links doesn’t imply that you should go for building links continuously by submitting to web directories and blog directories. It’s the number of quality backlinks that these Search Engines take in to consideration while  ranking your website or blog. So now you may get the doubt!

What are Quality backlinks?

Links that come from other sites that are related to the content of your blog is a quality link. Suppose 9to5Blogger is a blog where you can find the topics related to Blogging Tips, Search Optimization Tips, Make Money Tutorials etc… Now if this site gets backlinks from any health blog or entertainment related blogs, then it will be of no use as this type of link is not considered as a Quality backlink as the sites linking to me are not related to my niche. Now you get the point, Right! You should try to build links from relevant sites. For example the link coming from any SEO blog is more likely to have good effect on my blog.

Points to Remember while doing Link Building:

  1. Webmasters/SEO’s often try to create more websites and link them from one to one to generate more backlinks. This is a good idea only if your websites are not on the same IP address. Remember that Google is far beyond our imagination and it can easily catch us and impose ban on your site.
  2. Reciprocal Link Building is the most used backlink techniques of today. When you exchange link with a popular and trustworthy blog/website, then it will definitely benefit you. However if you link back to any bad website (which is a spam website or got banned by Google), then it kills your blog’s SEO score. So always make sure you build links between authority as well as related sites.
  3. Another interesting and most effective backlink technique is the 3-way Link Building Technique.

    Ex: Website A give a link back to Website B, Website B links back to website C and Website C to website A. Using this method, you will not fall into the scheme of link farm as all the links between these three sites are One Way Links which are trusted more by the search engines.

Note: Many SEO’s are saying that the 3 way link building is not working any more to improve rankings, but it was not correct. I’ve tried it on several micro blogs and they’re getting good rankings using this technique.

So I think you got the basic idea of Link Building now! We’ll discuss “How to Get High Quality Backlinks?” in our next post. Stay Tuned. Do Share your Views.


  1. The image for linkwheel is really great and very interesting to do and I will surely do this one because the sites given on the image has a high PR and I’m surely this will give a big help for me.

  2. I am using Raven SEO tool and ahrefs.com to analyze the quality of backlinks and from the beginning of my blogging career, i rely on this tools. So now, my question is- Are this tools trustworthy? and if not then please write your post on building high quality backlinks because in few days Google Page Rank Updation is coming….

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