Interview of Pradeep Kumar a.k.a Hell Bound Blogger

Hello friends, I am trying to launch the ‘ProBlogger Interviews’ section in this blog since many days but unable to do so due to some reasons. And today, I am happy to publish the first interview in the series.

First in the list is someone who is so professional in terms of his work and have attracted hundreds of guest bloggers to write on his blog. He is none other than Pradeep Kumar from HBB (Hell Bound Bloggers).

One thing I really like about him is the ability to manage number of authors single handedly which is not an easy task (atleast for me).

Let’s just don’t wait & move on to the questions. Here is the full conversation with Pradeep.

Personal Life

Pradeep Kumar HBB InterviewQ1: Well, Everyone knows about you as a Professional Blogger and how successful you are, but could you please let us know about your personal & family life a bit?

Thanks mate for this interview, happy to interact with your readers. I’m a yet-to-become graduate within 3 papers remaining, my mom is a homemaker, my dad and my bro going for some jobs, their own interest ones. Typical Indian family. 😀

Q2: How people received you once you entered into PROBlogging?

They didn’t react that much. 😀 Most of them already thought I was into ProBlogging but I was actually in my college doing my Engineering degree. I was blogging furiously those days, so people thought I was into Blogging full time, I was a part-time blogger at that time. But when I started “Slashsquare” (during my 3rd year), I took blogging very seriously.

Q3: How do you spend your free time during weekends?

I run a hectic schedule mate, so it is really difficult for me to consider weekends as special. Being a Blogger, there is not much difference between Sunday and Monday for us. 😀 But when I get free time, I used to hang out with my friends, maybe watch a couple of flicks at theater or spend time at Beach.

Q4: When are you planning to get married? Will she be a Blogger too?

LOL mate, I’m now confused whether I should get married earlier or late. 22 years old, I think I should focus on my responsibilities now, but getting a good life partner is something that should happen eventually. Maybe at 25 or 26 I’ll get married.

I will be happy to marry a female blogger, but that doesn’t mean, I differentiate a normal girl and a blogger girl. I will love any kind of girl who follows her passion.

Q5: Apart from HBB, which website are you most likely to work on (which topic interests you the most)?

HellBound Bloggers (HBB) is my main and primary blog. After that I started HostLater, to experiment my love in domain names and web hosting. Then launched MoviesDrop, my love for movies! Now working on DeviceBAR and two other blogs, hopefully launch them soon.

Professional Life

Q6: A little overview of your blogs “HBB” and “MoviesDrop” and their journey so far.

HellBound Bloggers (HBB), my first ‘serious’ blog and life changer. Things were different after I started to blog. My mind was free, my views were appreciated.

  • HBB is about Social Media, Blogging, Internet and Technology. I, sometimes, used to write off-topics related to these topics. Started on 2009, HBB overcame so many obstacles in terms of blog stats and blog income. Google Adsense was banned, and our PageRank dropped to 0. I could have ended my blogging career there, but I believed blogging is all about sharing your ideas, so why bother about income and stats. Rest is history.
  • MoviesDrop is our new addition to Slashsquare network. I love movies, especially horror and thriller genre.  This blog is around 2 months old, our love for movies will make this blog more resourceful we hope.

Q7: What do you think about the recent changes in the Google Algorithm? What’s your take on the future of Blogging & SEO?

Just like Bloggers clean our blogs by removing spam comments and spam guest posts, Google does a wonderful job by cleaning the web. Now Bloggers started to fear, fear is really important in Blogging. It is like we write exams and wait for results. Blog well, and no need to worry about results.

Future of Blogging is secure, and it will be enhanced further. But people may opt for video blogging or infographics, as they explain stuffs more clearly. Take “The Oatmeal” for example.

Q8: What are your main sources of traffic & earnings for your blogs? % of SE, Referral and Direct.

Sharing overall report about “Slashsquare” blogs – HBB, MoviesDrop and HostLater.

Traffic: Search Engine > Social Media > Direct Traffic > Referrals

  • Search Engine includes Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Social Media includes Facebook, StumbleUpon and Twitter.
  • Direct traffic includes loyal readers and random visitors.
  • Referrals includes Yahoo! Answers, Forums, and other blogs.

Income: HellBound Bloggers (HBB) > HostLater > MoviesDrop

  • HBB’s major income sources include sponsored/paid reviews, direct banner advertisements, and other misc monetization methods.
  • HostLater undergoes some experiment in monetization.
  • MoviesDrop is virgin right now. 😀

Q9: Which is more important in terms of Search Rankings? Quality Content or Quantity of Content? Will it be possible to rank if the quantity of content is less but the quality is good?

Quality content is what matters. You can write a blog post for 300 to 400 words minimum for not disappointing your readers. They need some information.

Google and other search engines have some method to rank blog posts, like keyword density, basic SEO blah blah, etc. So also focus on that to rank better. Readers are so busy, they visit our blogs, they wait for the blog post to load, and they should not get pissed off to read a very long post which has no meaning.

Q10: Everyone suggests WordPress is the best blogging platform? But, with recent changes to Blogger, wasn’t it as useful as WordPress? Which one do you suggest in the present situation and Why?

I think there are two reasons for this – people got used to WordPress and WordPress has no limits in terms of experimenting or customizing.

Orkut was more popular than Facebook, but now even if Orkut has more features than Facebook, it won’t succeed that much. Likewise for Blogger and WordPress.

Q11: How many hours on an average do you work on each of your blogs? Any suggestions for us on the same?

If we are not publishing breaking news kinda posts then it is rather easy for us to manage our time properly. Break time is important for Bloggers. We have a life outside Blogosphere. So I usually give more preference to my break time than to my working time.

I prefer 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM the best time for Blogging, no one to disturb, no phone calls, no hangout plans, and so spooky. If you are publishing breaking news and if you are a tech blogger, then you need to plan your agenda properly. You need to make your own calendar and fill it with upcoming events and releases. So the timing varies for this one.

I spent like 7 to 9 hours per day for Blogging, so on average I spent 8 hours. I sleep for 9 hours. So I just have 7 hours to enjoy this beautiful life outside Blogosphere. 😀

Q12: What is the best way to get quality backlinks in your point of view and Why?

There are four awesome ways to generate quality backlinks:

  1. Create an infographic
  2. Write an eBook
  3. Design your own stuffs – icons, logos, and business card designs.
  4. Design a template

You need to have some talent to do any one of these, but these are the sureshot ways to get quality, I repeat, quality backlinks. But you can also try guest blogging, it is the best and easy way to generate backlinks without much time.

Q13: If you’ve been gifted a time machine and asked to correct the mistakes you’ve done in your beginning days of Blogging? What would that be?

I would go back and fix the “Blogger” to “WordPress” migration I did earlier. 😀

I just migrated without worrying about broken links, image URLs, SEO, etc. After some months I realised this, and I LOL.

Q14: What are your future career plans?

I always wanted to blog about various topics I love, so “Slashsquare” was created. I wish to have a bunch of quality blogs, like a blog network. Apart from this, I’m working on 2-3 projects which I hopefully believe, gets completed within few months.

And I have some hobbies, want to take them next level. 🙂

Q15: And last but not least, would you mind pointing us to the most useful resources about Blogging, (pls name a few useful posts you’ve written or read on other blogs for our readers).

The post which gave HBB a new look:

The posts which HBB cherishes:

Some blog posts I loved: (kinda infographic)

How the Buddha Solved His Marketing Problem

10 Out-of-Syllabus Lessons To become a Better Salesman

Finally, Would you like to give any inputs for our readers?

Pradeep: I would like to share this, it is actually a common mistake we all do, we write blog posts for a whole day, and we won’t spend some 5 to 10 minutes for proofreading. Proofreading is very important, a single word change, could crash someone’s computer or blog.

Thanks a lot Pradeep for spending your quality time for the interview. I really enjoyed your answers especially Q7, Q10 and Q12. I’m sure our readers will learn more things about Blogging from your experience.

Hi Friends, hope you liked the interview. You can contact Pradeep on Facebook & Twitter


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