Niches that Require Little/No Writing Skills

The title may seem crazy but there are few people who asked me this question and I thought a detailed article would benefit them and others alike. Usually, most bloggers say that Blogging is something that requires awesome content writing skills. That is partially true but not suited to all niches. Normally, technical bloggers will require writing skills to convey the message. However, there is another side of the coin. Non-technical bloggers (mostly into entertainment niches) will not require any writing skills as the content they post is mostly graphical.

Say for example, a person interested in wallpapers can easily create a blog about wallpapers/screensavers and blog about it without any difficulty. He doesn’t really need any writing skills to blog. And there are several niches which one with no writing skills can choose and happily blog.

Tips to Improve Writing Skills

List of Niches that Require Little/No Writing Skills

  1. Comics/Wallpapers (show your talent of creating comics and publish them on your blog. You can also try out funny pics or funny jokes/quotes.)
  2. Games (do you play a lot of games? Why not share the video demos with others via vLogging. YouTube has got the monetization opportunity through which you can earn money for views/clicks on the ads displayed in your videos.)
  3. Photography (are you a photographer? Why not share your creativity with the world. If you’ve uniqueness, the world will definitely welcome you. Photo blogs have a unique scope unlike other niches – these blogs can get more popular by making use of the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc…)
  4. Television Shows (there are many people who love TV shows (serials, events etc…) and most of them miss their favourite shows. You can grab that opportunity to list/publish those TV shows on your blog and attract those hungry show-watchers. Hint: Mostly, you can find those TV shows on the official YouTube channel of those TV channels or else simply record those using your computer (with a TV Tuner Card) and post them)
  5. Travel (Are you a travelling freak? Do you visit a lot of places? Why not shoot those moments and/or scenaries and share them along with the destination guides on your blog. There are many people who don’t know how to travel from one destination to another and you can help those people through your blog)
  6. Cooking (Does your family members love your food like anything? Why not use your unique talent of cooking to earn money? Record videos while you’re cooking and publish them on YouTube and/or embed them on your blog. Cooking blogs don’t really need writing skills except that you’ll have to list the ingredients used in the recipe. The rest of the process can be found on your videos.)
  7. Mp3 (Of-course, this is illegal but what if you don’t have any other skills mentioned above. Something is better than nothing. You can upload/share mp3 songs and make them available for download/listening on your blog. If you wanted to go legal, then you can contact the audio companies who’ll share the copyright with you for a nominal fee. Contact your nearest audio company staff to know further details about the copyright prices. I remember that it varies from movie to movie.)
  8. Lyrics (People love music unlike anything in this world. But, not everyone could figure out the words chanted by those singers. You can grab this opportunity to publish the lyrics of those songs on your blog. Hint: You can either listen to the songs and write on your own or simply buy the lyrics from official sites like

I hope you really got the idea by now. Simply, choose your favorite topic or niche you’re interested in and start Blogging or VLogging or whatever you like to do.

Do remember, passion is the one metric I’d like you to consider. Make sure you’ve the passion on that particular topic before blogging about it.

If I missed any niche/topic that requires no/little writing skills, please do share with us. Happy Blogging 🙂


  1. Its true that none of these niches require any writing skills. Even those blogging about blogging can get away without excellent writing skills.

  2. awesome article and nice title i am agree with you writing skill is necessary but for photography and Mp3 this type of writing skill is not much important

  3. The problem is that all these niches you mentioned are too crowded.Someone comes up with a new niche and with in a couple of months, competition arrives from nowhere..However there is still hope 🙂

  4. Very informative. Motivation and dedication is truly the key to become a perfect writer and by the way thanks a lot for sharing this to us.

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