9to5Blogger Monthly Traffic & Earning Report for October 2012

Almost 12 days have passed by and today I got some time to update our traffic report for the month of October 2012. This month, I noticed a great improvement in the traffic compared to the last month (September).
9to5Blogger Monthly Traffic for October 2012

  • June – 411
  • July – 536 (+33% MoM)
  • August – 1173 (+119% MoM)
  • September – 1267 (+8% MoM)
  • October – 3,514 (+177% MoM)

Out of all the traffic sources, organic traffic has improved a lot and Search engines contributed around 71% of the total traffic. The rest 29% is referral and direct traffic.

There is a decent growth in the organic traffic compared to September (+185%) i.e., 876 visitors came from SE’s in Sep’12 while 2,494 visitors came from SE’s in Oct’12.
9to5Blogger Traffic from Search Engines
Update: What We’ve Achieved

That’s it for now! Hope to publish more useful tutorials for the newbie bloggers in the coming days. Thanks for visiting and Keep Blogging 🙂


  1. Hi what i don’t understand is that you aren’t posting lot of posts about blue host but the income is nonetheless increasing. No not the microniche site but this site. How is it possible.

  2. One more thing is that the income source is bluehost while you have host gator banners too. Now there’s something i don’t know and something you aren’t sharing.

    1. I haven’t earned a single penny through hostgator. Don’t know the reason why but bluehost earnings are growing day/day. And to be frank, Bluehost share of my blogs is

      9to5-10% (Direct Banner Clicks)
      TechZene-40% (Direct Banner Clicks)
      MicroNiche-50% (Complete Search Traffic)

      I hope you understood it in-detail.

      P.s: I’m not listing my Adsense income in the report although I use 1 ad unit below the post title.

  3. Very encouraging article.

    I see that in your analytics report you got a jump in SE traffic from 7th Oct. Can you share the reason in detail?

    And yes, I am also waiting for keyword research tutorial from you.


  4. Your blog stats are inspiring. Hardwork never goes in vain and hope the count will be doubled by next month. All the best 🙂

    Can you please mail me the link to your niche blog, I want to learn something you have done.

    1. Adsense usually pays less for Blogging niche. Its because your blog will be mostly visited by bloggers and webmasters who usually doesn’t click on ads. Of-course the CPC would be gr8 though. Not really concentrating on Adsense for 9to5blogger.

  5. Congratz bro on your earnings, although i’ve been with blogging a long time , haven’t tried and earnied throug Affiliates like Hosting or wpthemes , but in a short time you have seen good results in it. Keep it up ,and keep posting report as it will inspire newbies .

    if you don’t mind , can you send me the niche site in personal , or just give me a quick tip for micro niche site , i’ll try to use them .

  6. Its really a great encouraging post for the newbies . I am one of them . I hope i will also grab results something like you in the upcoming 3 or four months .

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