9to5Blogger Monthly Traffic & Earning Report for July, August and September 2012

It’s been a long time since I shared 9to5blogger’s monthly traffic report and so today I’ve decided to share reports for the missed 3 months – July, August and September 2012.
9to5Blogger Monthly Traffic Report for July, Aug and September 2012
In the month of June i.e., the first month of launch, 9to5Blogger has received 411 visits and from then onwards, it is showing a very positive growth.

  • June – 411
  • July – 536 (+33% MoM)
  • August – 1173 (+119% MoM)
  • September – 1267 (+8% MoM)

For all these three months, search engines have contributed nearly 60% of the entire traffic while we got 26% from referral sites like Facebook, Twitter and through blog commenting. The remaining visitors landed on our blog directly.

9to5Blogger Traffic Sources for July-September 2012

Due to my frequent traveling schedule, I haven’t done much postings and promotion all these months. However, traffic improved month over month due to the fact that the articles written are time independent.

Updates (What We’ve Done)

  • We had a custom WordPress theme for 9to5Blogger
  • Alexa ranking has improved a lot and now it is nearly 2 lakhs.
  • Participated in Bluehost Affiliate for the first time and it showed positive impact on our overall earnings. Bluehost alone earned us nearly $1259. BTW, its not alone from 9to5Blogger. TechZene has also contributed some clicks.
  • Bluehost Affiliate Earnings: My first experience with Bluehost was pretty encouraging.

Updates (What We’re About to Do)

  • I’ll be submitting more guest posts on popular blogs this month (niche:blogging)
  • Adding a new column “PROBlogger Interviews” in our blog this month (Keep guessing who is the first problogger to get interviewed).
  • Will be more active on social networking sites.
  • I’m receiving several requests to accept guest articles, but as of now, I’ve no plans to launch guest posting service on this blog as I wanted to make this blog a single-author blog, atleast for now 🙂


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