Best URL Shorteners to Make Money

Making money through the Internet is not that tough if you know the exact way. There are several ways through which one can earn money online such as Content Writing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Surveys, Link Selling, Advertising etc… Another good method of earning a decent income is by using the paid URL shortener services.

If your website or blog provides download links, then you can use these URL shorteners to earn additional income.

How Paid URL Shortener Services Function?

These URL shorteners will act as a medium to advertisers and publishers. Advertisers will bid on the advertisements and these URL shortening websites will show ads when someone clicked on your shortened link. He’ll have to wait for atleast 5 seconds in order to go to the actual link. This is where the advertisers or these services get benefited. In addition, you get some commission for sending traffic to those advertisements.

Make Money with URL Shortener Websites

  1. The first and the most active URL shortener in the list is It pays you around $4 for every 1000 visitors you refer. In addition to that, you get 20% commission on your referral’s earnings (if you referred any). Minimum payment threshold is $5 and payments are done through either PayPal or Payza.
  2. Bc.Vc: They pay $4 for every 1000 visitors and 20% commission on the earnings your referrals make. Payment through PayPal on 1st Monday of every month ($5 min. Threshold).
  3. Earn $4 for every 1000 hits you send in. Get 5% commission on the earnings made by your referral. Minimum threshold is $3 and payment done through PayPal.
  4. They show surveys instead of advertisements and will pay only when someone unlocks your link by completing the survey. Chances are very less to get paid as users will get irritated with these surveys and leave without filling it. 10$ min payment threshold and payments via PayPal, Moneybookers and Amazon vouchers. I personally don’t recommend this site but have included it in the list as their pay is good.
  5. They pay you when people referred through your link buys a product. Unlike other URL shorteners, you’ll be paid some part of the affiliate commission.
  6. Earn 90% of what URLCash gets from your links. In addition, earn 35% of what your referrals earn + 13% of what your referrals referrals make and so on.. Excellent money making opportunity.

I’ve listed only the best URL shorteners out there that pay on time. If you know any other good sites, please do comment and I’ll add those to the list.


  1. You can add linkbucks as well here. It is also a good way to make money from your links. Last month< i earn 20 $ from this month for my blog. But, there is one disadvantage of these services listed in article that after exchanging your links from this service, there is a threat of getting ban from Google Adsense and many reputated money making services.

  2. Now a days make money online is relatively easy and of the most easiest way to earn money is from url shortening websites. Just shrink your link and share and get paid. It is that simple. Awesome article i love it.

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