Manipulate & Increase Alexa Ranking

Increase Alexa RankingAlexa, a subsidiary of, is a ranking system based on the amount of traffic or hits a website receives from users with the Alexa toolbar installed on their computer browser.

Alexa Ranking: The less is better. Generally, advertisers consider Alexa rank to determine the quality score of a website. It doesn’t mean a website having a good Alexa rank is getting more visitors. Learn how Alexa ranking works.

How to Increase Alexa Ranking of a Website?

  1. Download & Install Alexa toolbar (free) on your computer. So whenever you browse your website, the Alexa toolbar tracks your visit and eventually leads to increase in the ranking.
  2. Place an Alexa rank widget on your blog.
  3. Encourage your friends to install the Alexa toolbar on their system and ask them to rate your website profile on Alexa.
  4. Post frequency will also have major impact on Alexa ranking. Regular posting will improve your Alexa ranking in a positive way.
  5. Make sure you post content related to bloggers/webmasters as they’ll surely have the toolbar installed.
  6. Promote your website on webmaster forums and social networking sites.
  7. Last but not least, you may also try Alexa autosurfs if yours is a new blog or site as they work for sites having zero Alexa rank. #not suitable for aged blogs with decent Alexa.

That’s it! Using these 7 easy ways, you can manipulate and increase your website Alexa ranking.


  1. Radha Bro . When i comment to one of my opponent’s website which have PR6, i use html to create links.
    But i m having a fear of google penalty because when i comment to 15 topics of my opponent’s website it gives me 15 backlinks.My blog which have very low traffic and new domain but having and creating so much links, is n’t it harmfull ?
    Check My Website Backlinks :-

      1. Agreed with Radha, blog comment won’t get you the penalty but yeah you should not comment on spammy sites or websites with 1000’s of comments, even if it high pr then it will affect your site.

  2. Radha bro this time i have some more queries 🙂 :-

    1. How you manage your Alexa rank to much high ? Because your domain and blog is new and traffic is low but still your alexa rank is awesome.

    2. When i comment using HTML on other websites same as my niche , i use my Homepage url in html.Should i use my post’s urls inspite of homepage of my blog.Doing this will increase my backlinks and chances in google search. ?

    3. Would using Angela Backlinks increase my blog chances in Google search ?

    1. 1.The main things that help me are Alexa toolbar, posting frequency and the niche. As this is a blogging niche, mostly webmaster will visit our blog and they’ll obviously have a toolbar installed on their system.

      2.A well indexed blog’s homepage itself implies that the internal posts of that blog are indexed easily. Try to comment on commentluv enabled blogs (like us) as they’ll also display the latest post of yours along with your homepage URL. This will help you to target both the homepage as well as internal posts.

      3.There are more chances of getting penalized. I personally wont suggest this technique.

  3. Very-2 Thanks for your tips Radhe Bhai. I have a query about Google Webmaster.I am using it daily and currently i have disabled my robots.txt since 6-7 days but still when i clicked “Blocked Urls” it was showing 16 then it become 32 and today i see it was 44.
    But i can’t see which urls are blocked 🙁
    Is there any way to see those blocked urls ?
    And is this url blocking trouble with only me or its a common thing ?

    1. First thing is that you need to change your robots.txt file. As there are several changes made by Google and these days, archives, search queries and labels are being indexed, which implies the same content is getting indexed multiple times (duplicate)..So, first modify your robots.txt file…

      Take as an example.

      And note, with your existing robots files, no urls will be blocked by robots except /search

  4. So should n’t i use “Custom robots header tag” . ?
    Because this time i have disabled my robots.txt but i am using Custom robots header tags by following a tut from MBT .

    1. It falls under reciprocal link building where in you need to place a banner(backlink) on your blog to get a free back link from those sites. Do note that it has very very less importance these days…So, better ignore it…

  5. I have a blogger site but I don’t know how submit sitemap to yahoo, Google, Bing. Thanks for sharing this tips. I’ll apply in my blogger site

  6. Hey,

    Great article but I think the question remains, are Alexa Rankings really worth looking at? You wrote an article about how to manipulate your ranking and its no secret that a quick fiverr gig will bring you a few notches higher, making Alexa highly inaccurate…what do you think?

    1. Yes, I do agree that Alexa rankings are not worth. But, most Advertisers still consider Alexa as a key note while advertising on our sites. So, its better to have Alexa < 1L if you're keen in getting top advertisers for your blog.

  7. I never knew that Alexa got their information from the Alexa toolbar… That means I could be getting a ton of views, but if nobody was using the Alexa toolbar when they viewed my site, my rating would be bad.

  8. What’s up, this weekend is good in favor of me, since this occasion i am reading this great informative paragraph here at my home.

  9. Great tips shared here buddy !
    We achieved our alexa rank of less than .7 Million after we tried many of those tips .
    Everyone say’s alexa rank is not a big deal … but it really is . its tough !
    You need real hard-work to bring that down .

  10. Lots of thanks for sharing a great and useful information about getting high rankings in Alexa and I sure a newbie can get good Alexa ranking and links acting upon your advice.

  11. Trying to improve my blog page rank but it is taking time,looks like need to do some more home work and follow the best SEO techniques, thanks for the tips.

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