Bye Bye Job: I’m now a Full-time Blogger

I am writing this post with great joy as I’m going to do something unique which very few people can do in their life. Yes, I just quit my full-time job to pursue my career in Blogging & Affiliate Marketing i.e., starting today (5th September 2012) I will be Blogging 9 to 5 which is full-time.

P.S: This post is about my career and me. So, please excuse me if this bores you.

I was introduced to blogging in the year 2006. At first, I used to post different things about softwares and piracy stuff. It was at the end of 2006, when I first came to know about Adsense and then created an account with them. But, Google didn’t take much time to ban my piracy related blogs. It was then when I decided to move to technology and education niche. The days passed by and I’ve made several attempts to ruin my blogs ( 😉 shifted from Blogger to WordPress and vice versa, migrated to different hosting services, tried different kinds of advertising networks, tweaked many templates and lot of shit etc…) which inturn helped me to gain more knowledge on how stuff works. In short, it is my nature to try different things despite the success involved in trying those things. Luckily, my revenue got increased in less than 2 years (2008) which is sufficient enough to quit my full-time job. But, I was unable to do so due to the society and people around me (especially because of the questions shouted by relatives at my parents).

I then continued my job hoping that someday I’d be free to choose what I really want to do. And it was in this year (2012) when I finally decided to quit my job and become a Professional Blogger. All thanks to my darling wife without whom I wouldn’t have made it.

Plans for the Future

Profession: I’m not a very active Blogger due to the time restrictions I’ve. I need to manage both my professional career and personal career equally. So, I didn’t take much interest in interacting with other Bloggers. But, this will be my first rule from now onwards to interact with fellow Bloggers.

Personal: I’ve taken some precautions just in case to overcome any hurdles in the future due to my revenue falling down. I kept aside 12 months of my monthly expenses (12 x 25k) so that even if I don’t get a penny in the span of 1 year, my personal/family life wouldn’t get disturbed. Next, I made sure that I had another source of income apart from just Advertisements and that’s the reason I entered into affiliate marketing and also providing WordPress services (only for close ones right now).

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be posting more about my experiences in the coming posts. Thanks for visiting our blog. Happy Blogging 🙂

I’m always open to feedback and suggestions. You can reach me at 9to5Blogger[at]

All I need is your blessings 🙂


  1. First of all i would say thanks to you for sharing small period of your life which is very inspiring to other beginners, working with you learnt a lot things even though it is very small period… thanks Radha.

    I wish and prayer for u and for all ur professional and personal plans..

    God bless you.

  2. Its good know that you have now became a full time blogger and I wish you all the very best for your future. And its quite interesting to read about yourself. 🙂

  3. @Radhe Bro finally one More Professional And Full Time Blogger Growing in India .Best of Luck !
    Even i have left study for Blogging. You may call me stupid because I am only 19 Years old and just completed 12th and 3 Years ECE Diploma .
    But i am Internet And Technology Addicted Person.I know very well abour SEO And Unique Content Writing .
    Currently I am having one Blog which is all about Indian Education but very soon i will start a New Blog about My Favorite Niche “Technology ” .You may see my starting project of new blog at
    So Please Radhe bro suggest me a good domain name for my new blog And tell me that have i did it right , to leave study for Blogging Passion .I wanna be Full Time Professional Blogger like You , Amit Aggarwal (Labnol ) and Amit Bhawani 🙂

    1. Hi Narender, its good that you’ve interest for Blogging. But, i don’t recommend you to neglect studies and dig into Blogging at this point of time because you (we the bloggers) won’t be getting the same/regular income through our blogs every month. It may differ with time. We additionally have some job experience so in case if anything happens, we may easily get a new job. But, its not the case with you. First, complete your studies and also concentrate on blogs in your free time.

      Also Remember, the worst mistake I did in my starting days was starting more number of blogs. Doing so will automatically reduce your interest as we’ll find not much time to dedicate to those blogs and in just a few days, we’ll lose our interest. It’s human tendency. So, please don’t do that mistake like I did. Simply dedicate your free time to just one blog and once you got success, you’ll automatically find it easy to manage another site as you don’t have to work hard on the first one.

      So, please take education seriously. At some or the other point of time, It’ll surely come handy. Also, note that I quit my Job after working for 4 years in the IT industry, that too after I got enough confidence that I can earn 5x my monthly salary.

      The ball is in your court now. Choose wisely. My support and wishes will be with you at any point of time. Just PM me. BTW, I will PM you the domain suggestions for your new blog.

  4. Radhe brother, i came to your blog from shoutmeloud. The first post i read was your income report from where i came to this post. Very interesting work indeed and a bold decision. My story is similar to yours. For over a year i ran a blog which focussed on gprs hacks and free recharge. I made no money and adsense denied my presence. You can read the experience here . I then started my present blog seekdefo. I also read your previous comment on telling a chap to study. That’s a good thing you said. Bro is 25k the salary which one earns in i.t field. Some days from now we are going to be placed and the people all of them are software people. So are the going to keep us on 25k. Blogging rather seems to be more lucrative and you’ve just started. Miles to go. Thanks for creating a blog.

    1. IT field will pay you pretty good salaries (of-course, its a minute percent of what the companies earn from your work). Salaries will increase upto 15 lakhs depending the type of role you’re selected for. And I’ve seen many people earning 18-25 lakhs per anum but the only thing I feel bad about the IT field or any other field is the Bossism + politics. And shift to Blogging only when you feel that the earnings atleast 2x more than your monthly salary (that is what I did), just to be in safe zone. All the best for you too.

  5. Oh ok. I understand. You’re quite lucky in the fact that you’ve an understanding wife. That is probably the greatest asset that you have. No matter what happens she will be by your side. If and when i reach the level you’re telling me in salaries will i have any life left in me. Will life then suck

  6. Good to see that you choose to be a full time blogger, I can understand that taking this decision of becoming a full time blogger is not an easy one to go with, but still I wish that you have made a right choice.

  7. Hi Radhe,
    I am directed to your post from’s facebook group where mr Narender Chopra commented with your link. And I owe to them. After reading your post, my moral is boost up again. I have been blogging for around 2 years and after failure in a row I was about to quite blogging. I am a graphic designer by profession with 6 years + experience. I love graphics but the way it pays me is disappointing. So I want to get new profession and choose blogging as my alternative. At the beginning I tried different subject matters for blogging that was out of my knowledge. And when I came to know something more about blogging I choose my profession related subject for blogging i.e. graphic design. I have made my own blog using wordpress CMS and write design tutorials. Hope one day in near future I will be posting my own success story just like yours. You and other blogger friends will always be my valuable assets. So thanks in advance.
    Well Radha, I would like to hear more on your journey to this field. See you on your next inspiring post.

  8. Mr radha krishna really this one is inspiration post for me and aspiring blogger who want to make blogging as their serious way of earning but still fall in trap of 9 to 5 jobs.

  9. Welcome to full time blogging bro, your financial plan is just amazing. I hope you will achieve your future goals also.

    BTW you quit from what job? Software engineer?

  10. I have been into same track as of your’s. Completed Bachelor Degree in 2008 and passionate about blogging Since 2006.

  11. Dear Radha
    I found another champ from Googling who have chosen blogging as a full time carrer over 9-5 job. I am also thinking the same way. But this future security is pulling my shocks down. I tried a lot but all gone in vain. I write a blog at Visbon.Com
    Can you please suggest something, I wanna come out from this soup.

    1. If you’re earning decent income continously from your blog without fail, then you don’t have to worry abt the future. Go with Blogging…Your Job skills won;t go anywhere. In case you fail (unfortunately due to any reason) in Blogging, you can go back to your same job role. All the Best. Do what your Dhil says 🙂

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