How to Market/Promote your Blog Offline?

One shouldn’t ignore “promotion” if he wants to get customers to his product/service and that applies to blogging too. In my case, I put 35% of effort to write and 65% to promote my websites. This is because, your blog won’t taste success if people didn’t even know about your website and that is why proper marketing has to be done. There are two types of marketing; Online and Offline. Both are essential for making your blog successful or to improve sales of your products.

Ways to Market/Promote your Blog Offline

Business Cards: If you’ve a personal/business card, single out your blog’s address (or even QR code) on your business card.

Stickers: Have you remembered Google plus stickers issued by Google Adsense for free to all its publishers? Yes! Why not use this same marketing technique to promote your blog. Conduct a giveaway and give free stickers (mouse pads) to all the users who participated in the giveaway. You can also attach them to your car’s rear glass.
Google Plus Sticker on Mousepad
Events: If you’ve some money, you can simply conduct/arrange an event and invite blogger friends to promote your blogs. It will also let you know the big guns in your niche.

Newspapers: Contact your local newspaper agent and ask him for an ad in their tech journal or write a success story on your blog and email the journalists with your press release. If they find you’re worthy to get covered, you’ll become popular. Try your luck. Or-else, you can also write a catchy article for your local magazine that relates to your demographic and ask them to publish your URL for reference.

Brand Your Website: Print your website address on items such as mouse pads, coffee cups, T-shirts or even pens and pencils. Simply, give away them for free. This offline marketing tactic works in most cases.

Pamphlets: This is a very less-expensive offline marketing technique and if you’re able to draw their attention through your pamphlet, then you’re successful.

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Advertise: You can have your blog address advertised on auto rickshaws, call taxis or even on buses, Radio, Television, Yellow pages etc… This tactic requires you to invest bigger amounts than the other promotional methods.

Mouth Publicity: This marketing technique is effective as well as free. Contact your friends, colleagues whom you think are interested in the area you write and tell them about your website or email them or text them. Chances are high and these people will convert well.

Not all the niches are suitable for offline promotion and a few niches convert very well with offline promotion – weight loss, make money, entertainment etc… So, first decide whether your blog’s niche is suitable to be promoted via the above said offline methods.


  1. I agree. That is exactly the most common things that other people do when it come to offline marketing. Time consuming and needs more effort but it’s worth it.

  2. great article RK, these ways are quite effective and we can get huge number of visitors through advertisements but the negative point is we have to spent a lot of money for this……

  3. Mouth Publicity is actually one of the thing that I really consider very effective.
    It’s one of a kind type of marketing strategy.

  4. Great post Radha, in my opinion word of mouth marketing can work really well. I also recommend doing press releases to get local traffic to your blog too.

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  6. Many of us concentrate on online promotion and fails in offline. Though online helps, offline also plays a crucial role for success of a blog. Thanks for the wonderful share.

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