File a DMCA Takedown Notice to Remove Scraper Sites from the Search

I’m sure every webmaster comes across different websites that copy the content published on his blog either manually or automatically using RSS feeds. Even I’ve faced this situation several times earlier, but I used to neglect such activities hoping Google will have the minimum commonsense (mechanism) to find out the original content from the duplicates. However, to my despise, Google has penalized some of my websites thinking me as a content scraper. All the websites that have had the copied content used to rank higher than mine. Things started changing once I filed a DMCA complaint with Google about the content scraper websites. All my lost rankings came back to the normal state. Of course,  it took a while to get the things back to normal.

So, I advise everyone to submit a DMCA request to Google immediately if you find any websites stealing your content, so that your website won’t get penalized.

PS: I’ve used my technology blog “” as an example, but fortunately it’s not the site that got affected by Google Panda/Penguin updates. It was my affiliate site that got affected during the Panda reign.

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Steps to File a DMCA Complaint with Google

1. Find the List of Websites that Copied your Content

To find the list of websites that copied your articles/content, all you’ve to do is either use plagiarism checker tools like CopyScape or simply check manually. In order to check for duplicate content manually, just pick up a few lines from your article and perform a Google search with double quotes.

Ex: “ is a blog where you can get helpful information about WordPress, Blogger, Webmaster tutorials and many more”

How to Find Duplicate Content on a Website?

2. Report URLs/Websites with Copied Content to Google

Once, you found the websites that copied your content, go to Google DMCA page and file a DMCA complaint against the website.

Remember to select “Blogger” in case if the website who copied your posts is hosted for free on Blogger/Blogspot. Else, select “Web Search”. Once the complaint is registered, you can track your DMCA complaints status in the WMT.

How to File a Google DMCA Complaint?

Follow the Video Tutorial if you’ve any confusion related to filing a DMCA complaint.

Do you want to remove duplicate content sites from search indexing, then do file a DMCA takedown request and let Google know that you’re the original author of the copied content so that Google could penalize the scraper’s website and pushes your site further in the SERPs.

All the Best. Do let us know your experiences about dealing with the content scrapers in the below comments.

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  1. Duplicate content is a major trouble for bloggers, who are genuinely working. DMCA complaint is enough, I think after the changes in Google algorithm updates.

  2. Great post Radhe !!! expecting more post on bloggers problem like copy content , guest post verification that its not copied and many more !!!

  3. hi,, I am also facing same problem.One of the my site is 7 yrs old. Some People copy the content from my site and copied content site comes on top position when i check content of my site in want to ask one thing i know i am original author of content but i have not any copywrite so can i file a DMCA Complaint to google.

  4. I am desperately in need of your help. Because I have got only a laymans knwledge with computers. Somebody has recorded my nude videos of my self in my bedroom with a hidden camera and posted in several sites and there from many porn search engines. I was able to remove many videos from the Main links issuing DMCA notice.
    But some of the sites not responding or not giving any reply or not taking any action to remove the matter. In this case how I can give DMCA notice to google msn yahoo against these sites who are not responding. Kindly reply. I have already made a police complaint but they dont mind Indian Police. All the sites are us based.Kindly reply

  5. Thank you dear for your valuable words and specially for the illustrative video tutorial. I searched this article after getting known of stealing content from blog i.e. . Also I appealed at Google DMCA to take further actions against the content scrapper. Thank you once again, keep posting like this.

  6. hi allie, the same steps are explained in the article. pls refer to it. Simply, collect the copied URLs as well as the original URLs (your blog) of the copied posts and file a DMCA complaint. Google will verify the complaint and will take down those copied URls from its search index. Hope you got it..

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