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The internet is full of scams and every work can/will be duplicated easily. The same applies to the creative works like theme designs and content writing. Copycats steal another individual’s work and try to gain from others hard work.

Even I have faced this problem several times and have filed the DMCA complaint against those content scrapers. Using these free online plagiarism checkers, you can find who is reusing or copying your content without giving you credits. Doing so, you can either warn them or simply get their site or blog deleted from the search index.

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The other best advantage of these duplicate content checkers is you can try to write Copyscape free articles as these tools let you know whether the phrases used by you are already used by others on their sites. If you came to know that similar content exits, you can reframe your sentences to make then copy free. This is especially useful for freelance writers who deliver content to clients.

Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

Free Online Plagiarism Checkers – Top 6 Duplicate Content Checkers

This particular tool uses its special scanning technology to search for any signs of your content on the web. The free version of PlagTracker allows you to scan up to 5000 words. Once the scan is finished, the tool will provide you with a detailed ‘Plagiarized Report’ that contains any instances of your text on the web. The ‘view all sources’ option to the right of the page will reveal the site links which copied your content or has the same text.

This is another good alternative to which actually highlights the copied text on the scraper’s site visually so that you can know how much of your content is being plagiarized.

You can either paste the text version or simply upload the file to search the duplicate content issue.

The functioning of this free online plagiarism checker is very straight forward. It uses a simple Google query to find the duplicate content. We usually enter a few lines of text along with double quotes (“”) in Google to check for websites that copy our content. The same concept is used by this tool. When you enter your text, the tool actually appends double quotes to your text and searches in Google. It saves a lot of time.

You can also enter a specific URL of your web page to find any duplicate instances of it on the web.

This tool highlights all the copied text along with the links to those websites that copied your content.

This duplicate content checker allows you to search text up to 25,000 characters across three areas such as ‘the entire web’, ‘Google news’ and ‘social networks’. Simply input your text into the text box and Plagium will then break it into paragraphs, sentences, phrases and words to check for any signs of duplicate copies across the internet. It highlights the duplicate copies in Yellow.

This is an awesome tool that not only checks for duplicate copies of your content on the web but also corrects spellings and grammar mistakes in your content. Additionally, it gives grades based on the readability score of your article.

There are few other duplicate content & plagiarism checker tools such as and which are also worth checking.

If you know any other free Copyscape alternatives worth trying, please do share with us in the comments below.

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  1. I use smallseotools to check the plagiarism on my article. It is really an effective tool to check the plagiarisom on your article and it also give you suggestion on rewriting of your article.
    Try it my blogger fellas. Its free…

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    Nice collection of URL and good alternative for I like this websites which gives accurate result.


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