How to Create Your First Blogspot Blog?

Blogger being a free blogging platform is used by many newbie bloggers who wish to start their own blogs online. Although creating a blogspot blog is easier, a few non-techy users will find it difficult to get started. And this is a guide for such people who’d like to know how to create a blogger blog.

How to Create a Blogspot Blog?

  1. Go to > Login with your Gmail credentials.
  2. Click on “New Blog” > Enter Title of your blog > Chose the URL or Address for your blog
  3. Select a blog template from the list of free templates available. You can however change your template later. Click “Create Blog”.
    Create a Free Blogspot Blog

That’s it! Your blog is now ready and can be accessed by anyone using your blog address. Also, do note that your blog being a free blog will be suffixed by i.e., If you want a professional domain, then you can go with custom domain for blogger. If you’ve already created your first blog on, go through these Blogger Tips and increase your productivity.

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