Clicksor Publisher Review

Clicksor is a contextual ad serving program which is one of the best Adsense alternatives (from my personal experience), especially for the entertainment blogs. The only disadvantage of Clicksor is the pop-up ads that annoy the user, but this can be reduced by increasing the frequency gap from 1 to 10 in Ad set up so that only a single pop-up is displayed for every 10 page views.

Clicksor Review

Benefits of Clicksor Publisher Program

  • Fast Payment: They pay once every 15 days and the minimum payout is $50. Modes of payment include “Check, PayPal, Wired Transfer”.
    Revenue Share: Clicksor gives you a revenue share of 85% which is again a wonderful option.
  • Set Up Alternate Ads: Don’t want to show ads of low CPC/CPM? You can simply opt to show your default ads instead of low CPM/CPC ads, so that you have no unsold traffic.
  • Referral Income: You get additional income of 10% every time a publisher/Advertiser is referred by you to Clicksor’s network. You can as well earn 10% commission of daily earnings from referred publishers and daily advertising spending by the referred advertisers, for the first one year.

Types of Advertisements

  • There are different formats of advertisements in the Clicksor program which include Banner ads, Pop-Unders, XML feeds, layer ads, search boxes, inline text ads.
  • The inline text ads are contextually driven and work similar to Infolinks and Kontera Inline ads. A small ad appears when these text ads are hovered over.

Who Can Get Benefited from Clicksor Advertising Program?

Websites which have huge impressions (Entertainment blogs) can get a good income from Clicksor. Tech Blogs should stay away from this.

Can I Place Clicksor ads along with Google Adsense on my Blog?

Absolutely no! Doing so may result in the banning of your Adsense account. However, you can use them along with any other ad network without any issues.

Clicksor Sign Up

It’s fast and easy to sign up with Clicksor. No tax forms needed. The only thing is that you need to meet the below criteria.

  1. A web site must have minimum 5,000 page views per day
  2. Must be 18+ or need to have signed permission from his parent/guardian
  3. English-only sites

Customer Support

You can get support from Clicksor staff via Email, Support Tickets, Live chat and Phone (Mon-Fri from 9am to 6pm).

Suggestion: Use Clicksor Ads only on Entertainment Sites or Forums because they’ll have huge impressions compared to that of a tech blog.

Link: Clicksor Publisher Signup

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