Bulk URL Opener

Want to open a bunch of URLs at the same time? Instead of copy-pasting each URL, you can now open multiple websites (URLs) at the same time.

Simply, paste all your website URLs into the below text field and press ‘Open URLs’. All your websites will then be opened in the new tabs at a time.

Note: Opening huge number of URLs at the same time may slow your computer. Our recommended count would be 30-45 depending on your Internet speed. Also, remember to set your browser to open new windows in tabs. To do so, follow the below steps based on your browser.

IE Users: Go to Tools > Internet Options > Settings and then under ‘When a pop-up is encountered’, select ‘Always open pop-ups in a new tab’. Save and Exit.

Firefox Users: Go to Tools > Options and then switch to ‘Tabs’ menu. Select the first option that says ‘Open new windows in a new tab instead’. Click ‘OK’ and exit.

Paste URLs in the field below. Click on ‘Open URLs’ button.

* Tested on Internet Explorer and Firefox Browsers.

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