How to Use Blogger Template Designer?

Although you write quality content, a clean looking template is always recommended as it makes the content appealing to the readers. If your blog is on blogger platform, you’ll find thousands of free blogger templates available online. However, Blogger has recently introduced its own/inbuilt template designer which helps you to easily customize the look of your blog without needing any coding skills. Simply select a template, choose colors, layout and apply. That’s it! Your blog has got a new look.

Blogger Template Designer Templates

If you’re using the old blogger interface, go to Design > Template Designer else if you’re using the new blogger interface, go to Templates > Customize.

How to Use the New Blogger Template Editor?

There is however a major drawback of using ‘Blogger Template Designer‘ templates. The blogger templates designed using this tool contains hardcore coding which is very difficult to customize if you’ve minimal or no coding skills. So, it’s advisable for newbie bloggers to choose custom blogger templates as they can implement blogger hacks to make their template more appealing and useful to the readers.

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