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Are you just starting with your first WordPress blog, then make use of our WordPress for Beginners Guide. Today, I’d like to share my experience of different hosting services I used for hosting my WordPress blogs till date. At this time of writing, I am hosting 13 different blogs on 3 different shared hosting sites – BlueHost, HostGator and WPEngine. I’ve tried few other hosting services like GoDaddy, DreamHost, JustHost etc…but nothing gave me a good satisfaction like the above 3 sites. Of-course, each has their own advantage and disadvantages. Let’s now discuss this in detail.

Why I Don’t Recommend Free Hosting Services?

There are several websites that offer you a free hosting service. The offer may look attractive but let us see what happens after you set up your blog on such free hosting sites.

  • Usually, these sites which give you hosting for free will neither handle your queries nor does support if your site got hacked.
  • As these sites are used by lakhs of people, there are more chances for your site to go down more often. As it’s a free service, you don’t or won’t have the right to ask them.
  • Sometimes, they take down your website or blog for just silly reasons without giving you a notice.

Like such, there are ‘n’ number of disadvantages or problems in using a free WordPress hosting site.

Best Recommended WordPress Hosting Sites

Although I’ve used several hosting sites, I’m not going to share all that list. Just limiting my list to the top 3 best hosting sites for WordPress powered blogs. All these three hosting providers charge you less than $10 per month and using the discount coupons provided by me, you can save a huge amount.

BlueHost (Recommended Hosting Site for Decent Traffic)

Bluehost $3.95 Discount Code
It is one of the best webhosting company which provides quality WordPress hosting @6.95$ per month. Even recommends BlueHost as the #1 hosting site. They’ve won the best hosting site continuously for five years. The blog you’re reading (9to5Blogger) is hosted on the quality servers of BlueHost. They offer 1 free domain, unlimited hosting, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel and a lot of additional features to get you started. Read our tutorial in case you’ve trouble Installing WordPress on BlueHost.

Recommended: BlueHost Review & BlueHost Discount Link

HostGator (Recommended Hosting Site for Medium Traffic)

Hostgator Discount of 25%
It is my second and one of the most trusted hosting companies on which I host a few ET blogs which receive high traffic. HostGator is good at handling huge traffic sites, powered by W3 Total Cache. You’ll find no downtime or server issues and the customer support is an added advantage as you’ll get your queries answered in a very less time. They offer quick CloudFare integration right from the cPanel in order to make your blog load faster. In case you’re having trouble with Installing WordPress on HostGator, go through our guide.

Recommended: Get a 25% discount on HostGator hosting using our Link.

WPEngine (Recommended Hosting Site for High Traffic)

WPEngine Discount Code
It is one of the most secured and professional hosting site for serious bloggers. However, the price of WPEngine hosting is a bit out of reach for small bloggers. But if you’ve a blog that gets around 1 lakh visitors a month or more, then I’d strongly recommend you to go with WPEngine. They charge around $99 per month. However, you can signup for a full-year and get 2 months free of hosting.

Recommended: Get 2 months Free Hosting at WPEngine

There are also few other hosting services like DreamHost, GoDaddy, JustHost etc…which don’t even match the quality that the above sites offer and none of them have fulfilled my requirements too.

Note: All the above recommended sites offer a 60 days money back guarantee and so If you don’t like them, simply cancel your hosting account and they’ll refund your total amount with no questions asked.


  1. i have been using namecheap hosting .. though it is not as popular as above names but it has been very satisfactory for me.. i faced some problem in blue host earlier

  2. i am using Hostgator India for hosting one of my WordPress blog, i use a lot of images in each post as its a wallpaper blog. it loads very slow on hostgator is there any solution for loading the site faster, i am already using the wpsuper cache plugin. should i have to use the cdn service or is there any other option available to increase the load speed of the post pages and the images in the posts. one more thing is all the images on the posts are HD and will be in minimum 1920×1080 resolution is this causing the post and image to load slower. any recommendations will be helpful.

    1. While attaching your images in a post, simply use thumb version of your image instead of the full-size image. This will eventually reduce the load time as the thumb version will be called when loaded. My other suggestions would be either use a CDN service to host your images or if you don;t like to waste money on those services, you can use Google Picasa (Blogger Service) to host them for free. If you clearly notice, I use Blogger to host my images on my blog. It does have a lot of impact (positive) on my blog’s speed score..

  3. very helpfull post i was thinking of upgrading my free account with a premium one so this will be very helpful coupon also where can i get discount on domains

  4. Hmm… I Think HostGator is The Best, They Provide Best Support, Good Speeds, Storage, Bandwidth etc.
    I am Also Using HG and I Am Really Satisfied With Them 🙂

  5. I can say BlueHost and HostGator are the best web hosting providers. Most of my blogs are on both of them. Since now I am safe and satisfied with both of the providers.

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