Best Social Bookmarking Sites with PR: DoFollow & NoFollow

Social Bookmarking is one of the most popular ways to promote a blog as well as to build backlinks from high traffic & authority websites. Bookmarking is nothing but saving a website address for future reference in our browser toolbar (offline). The same concept is given online wings, thus calling it as social bookmarking, where users save their bookmarks online so that they can access them from anywhere in the world and whenever they want.

Most of these social bookmarking sites are indexed regularly by search engines as tons of content gets updated on these websites. So, getting traffic from these bookmarking websites is a bit easy (of-course, you got to top the charts).

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Apart from traffic, one can use these social bookmarking sites to build quality backlinks to their blog, but you’ll have to figure out the dofollow bookmarking sites from the nofollo which is a bit time taking task. And to reduce your burden, I’ve compiled the list for you.

List of DoFollow & NoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites

Site Page Rank Alexa Niches DoFollow? 8 135 ET & Technology Yes 8 162 All Topics No 7 208 All Topics Yes 6 411 Entertainment Yes 8 691 Social Media, News, Entertainment & Technology Yes 8 1670 All Topics Yes 8 1900 Technology Yes 6 2900 Entertainment No 7 3000 ET, News & Technology Yes 6 3270 Programming Yes 6 3370 ET, Finance & Technology Yes 8 5660 Health, ET & Social Media Yes 6 5700 Marketing, Finance & Technology Yes 7 6220 Designing Yes 5 6670 News No 7 8900 News No 4 10700 All Topics Yes 3 13260 Entertainment, Sports, Finance Yes 6 14000 All Topics No 5 20500 News Yes

Do note that I just listed only the most active social bookmarking sites based on the user interactions. In the second and third columns, you’ll find their Alexa rank, Page Rank and the topics that work well on those sites.

How to Social Bookmark Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic?

Most of the people, when told about social bookmarking, they just pick up some websites, drag some description from their post and publish the same on these bookmarking websites. This creates multiple versions of your article online and search engines will have tough time to decide which is original and which the reused article is. So, the confused robots sometimes may treat your webpage as duplicate.

And so, the best practice for social bookmarking is to re-frame the title and description tags when used in multiple book marking sites, thus avoiding the duplicate penalties.

You can either use OnlyWire or SocialMarker for quick publishing of your bookmarks.

All the Best 🙂 Do share your opinions/suggestions about the same in the below comments section.


  1. i am very happy to hear your post.because when i post something in my blog i save URL, Description and Title in note pad and sharing same thing on social book marking site. thanks for sharing this.

  2. Great list. I’m glad to see bizsugar mentioned in your list (where I discovered your post). I’ve gotten so many benefits from this amazing site and like it. I def recommend getting fully engaged in these social communities.


  3. Hey Radha,
    I guess, It took a lot of time to do R&D on Social bookmarking website’s behavior. Your content on this page is very informative to those who are seriously looking for best popular sites. If possible can you add my do-follow site: on your list. I can do small favor to your valuable visitors who are looking for more bookmarking other than list they can find here.

  4. Social Bookmarking is a great way to get good visitors visiting to the site, it is one of the techniques of bringing visitors to the site, it is also helpful for getting good rankings in SERPs. Thanks for sharing the resource.

  5. Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search and manage bookmarks. It is popular among people with affiliate marketing programs as it drives traffic & back links to the website.

  6. There are 3 more Do Follow Social Bookmarking Websites like with Alexa Rank = 161 and PR = 8 ….. with Alexa Rank = 3169 and PR = 7 and with Alexa Rank = 258606 and PR = 6 .

  7. Most of the above sites that you have mentioned don’t work. For example take, it has been converted to social news site where you don’t get your article published anytime.

    And importantly Radha Krishna, is social bookmarking still working for better SEO of the site?

  8. This is really great content, since i am new to blogging i am sure this article will help me all the way, i look froward for more articles that will make me better blogger, thanks a ton its really help full learnt a lot

  9. Nice listing. But you have listed only top most bookmarking site. Because lots of high page rank bookmarking sites will be available in online. So you have added more site lists, that will used for many internet marketing people and we want more updated lists…

    Thanks for Sharing with us…

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