Basic SEO Tips for Better Search Rankings in Google

SEO or Search Engine Optimization should be given utmost importance if you wanted to build your career in online marketing or Blogging. It’s because, search engine traffic will give higher conversions when compared to referral (social media) or direct traffic. Since last few years SEO process has been tweaked several times to match the quality guidelines of Google and its search algorithm updates.  However, one important (basic) point most bloggers/webmasters ignore is that, no matter how many times Google tweaks its algorithm; it makes sure to keep the basic SEO process intact.

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Basic SEO Tips that’ll never Change

  1. Anchor Text Distribution
  2. On-site Optimization
  3. Variance in the source of Backlinks

Few Additional SEO Tips that need Attention

  1. Social Signals (of-course implemented recently)
  2. Authorship Markup

Let us now discuss these topics in-detail along with a few examples.

1.Anchor Text Distribution:

People generally use their main keyword (single) or sometimes 2 variations while linking their domain in all the pages. This is a bit odd process and will not work perfectly.

The best thing is to write a few variations (at least 5 to 10) of your keyword phrase (anchor text) and use them across your posts simultaneously. This will not only help you to rank multiple keyword variations but also help you achieve authority status in Google as you’re not spamming with a single keyword (repetitions).

Also, make sure you’re not using keywords like “click here”, “download”, “” etc….as they don’t help you in any way.

Tip: Use Synonyms of your keywords to product different variations of your anchor text (or) make use of Google related searches to find keyword variance.

Ex: Search for “website optimization tips” in and choose “Related searches” option under “Search tools”. This will give you related searches for your keyword “website optimization tips” such as “website traffic tips”, “website marketing tips”etc…. and in the same way, try more searches to figure out even more keyword variations.

Keyword Variations from Google Results

Always, remember to use synonyms in a natural way instead of making it artificial which will never sound good while reading.

2.On-site or On-page Optimization

When optimizing a website or webpage for Search engines, always, remember that SE’s are also like humans. And so, you should give the robots a hierarchical sitemap that helps in identifying important (or all) pages that exist on your website. Basically, what Google robots/humans need is a proper internal link structure with proper indication of keywords (helps Google to know what your site is really about).

That means, an easy user menu that interlinks your entire site from one page to another is recommended.

Best SEO Optimized Website Layout

Ex: Pyramid structure: Main page links to a category and it then links to sub-categories and so on…

Main > Category > Sub-category > Post pages (content)

The thumb rule for best website structure: One should be able to access every page on your website within just 2 or 3 clicks from the homepage/sub-sequent pages.

Tip: Have a look at our blog structure. All the articles can be accessed from the menu with very few clicks.

  • Unique content isn’t possible in all niches and so try to write an article only after doing some research on the already-written one as it can help you add a few more ideas which were not covered by that author.
  • Use images/videos wherever necessary to elevate the content.
  • Use H1…. H6 tags effectively. Remember to use them based on the hierarchy of your headings. Say for example, using H6 for main heading and H1 for sub-heading is a bad idea.
  • Title of the post should always use H1 tag.
  • Make sure the article is easy to read and with no grammatical errors (Use ginger software in case you’re having difficulties with grammar).

3.Variance in Backlinks Source

This means that you should build backlinks for different keyword variations instead of using a single keyword in the anchor text for all the incoming links.

Best sources of backlinks: Blog commenting, social bookmarking, guest blogging. I generally don’t suggest directory submissions as they’re not adding value anymore.

Tip: Instead of getting 1000 backlinks from less-authority sites, try to get just 50/100 backlinks from high authority sites/blogs in your niche through the above mentioned sources.

4.Importance of Social Votes in SEO

Just recently, Google has started counting social votes for a website in ranking it. The more social signals your site gets or has, the more it gets indexed by Google.

Tip: Use social share buttons beneath your post title or at the end of the article to improve likes/tweets to your article. Also, interact with your audience/fans on your social media fan pages. If you’re using the WordPress CMS for your blog, then “Really Simple Share  plugin” will do the work for you or else you can use “ShareThis” widget in case of Blogger or other CMS.

5.Google Authorship Markup

Google Authorship Markup for 9to5Blogger
You’ve probably seen a photo of the author beside the Snippet in search results. This is what called as “Authorship markup”. If you verify your authorship using Google+ profile, then Google will add more weight to your articles and it also tempts users to click on your search result. Learn how to set up authorship for a blog.

Well, these are the basic SEO tips that even Google pets like Panda and Penguin will love to accept. Hope you’re now familiar with the SEO process. Do share your opinions/inputs with us in the below comments section.


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  2. I’m not much of a SEO guru so I will definitely bookmark this. I’ll be sure to check on the Related Search section when researching for keywords to use, didn’t know that until now. Thanks for sharing on Bizsugar!

  3. very nice tips this post is very helpful for my blog by these i can increase my google rank and get more visitors and my blog is also about seo thanks for sharing..

  4. Very useful tips! Variation in anchor text as well as backlink sources definitely helps to create a more genuine link backlink profile, which is important in light of continuous changes in the search algorithm.

  5. sir nice post but i’m not get more visitors on my blog …please sir suggest me……and what’s the problem on my site…..thanks…

    1. since yours is a news related blog, try to have a news sitemap and get it included in the Google news..Next, write everything at the right time (instantly as you’re dealing with trends)..U’ll enjoy hell lot of traffic…Just try it and let us know the output…all the best..

  6. When you come to sketch out a blog post idea, the most important thing you can do is solve a problem. Every post that you create should be tailored towards helping your readers overcome a difficulty – which should provide you with endless inspiration for new posts.

  7. Nice article Bro. And Yup all these SEO factors will never change and white hat too . i hope i’ll get some pr by following these seo tips Thanx For This

  8. These are very important SEO tricks. I have been using some of them on my blog while there are some which i have not lay my hands on. I will surely try them out. Thanks.

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