How to Backup/Restore Templates in the new Blogger Interface?

Although, you’ve the option of customizing blogger templates using template designer, some people like to use custom blogger templates for their blog. So, let’s see how to upload, backup/restore blogger templates in the new blogger interface.

How to Backup Blogger Templates using new Blogger Interface?

  1. Login to your blogger dashboard > go to “template” section > click on “Backup/Restore” button on the top-right corner.
    Backup Blogger Templates
  2. A pop-up appears with options. Click on “Download full template” button to backup or export your current blogger template.
    Download or Backup Blogger Templates
  3. This will save the blogger template you’re currently using on your blogger blog on to your deskop.

How to Restore or Upload or Import a Blogger Template using new Interface in Blogger?

The upload process is pretty similar to the backup process. Go to “Template” > Backup/Restore > Chose the location where your blogger template is stored and click “Upload” to restore your template.

Note: Unlike the old blogger interface, blogger’s new interface has an inbuilt mechanism to save all of the existing gadgets which were absent in the newly uploaded template. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your gadgets.

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