Affinity Ads Review: Best Adsense Alternative

Everyone knows that Google Adsense is #1 in the online advertising space to earn money through blogs. There are several alternatives to Google Adsense which may not replace Adsense but can be counted-in for adding additional income to your pocket and one among such alternative is the Affinity Ads.

Few Problems with Google Adsense

  • It’s very difficult to get approved by Google Adsense. If you’re from India, China or Pakistan, then it’s like a big deal now-a-days.
  • If approved, there are several ways you can get banned from Adsense such as click frauds, content duplications, piracy etc…

Affinity Ads Review

  • Revenue Share: Unlike Adsense revenue share, Affinity gives 95% to their publisher which is awesome.
  • eCPM: Affinity Ads eCPM is almost similar and sometimes higher than what Google serves.
  • Ad Formats: Affinity has 4 different ad types – In Page, In Footer, In Image, Ad Cloud  and In Text.
    1. Ad Cloud: Affinity displays a tag cloud widget with several tags and when someone clicks on that tag, a related ad is displayed to the visitor in the widget itself. This way, the Ad Cloud shows advertisements based on user’s choice, which is a very unique approach and it has high conversions too.
    2. In-Text: Relevant textual advertisements will be served based on the content on your webpage just like text link ads or Infolinks.
      Affinity In Text Ads
    3. In Footer: A large leaderboard is displayed at the base of a webpage i.e., the footer section.
      Affinity In Footer Ads
    4. In Image: Advertisements are displayed inside the image at its footer. Ads will be served based on the image information (alt or title).
      Affinity In Image Ads
    5. In Page: These ads are similar to the Adsense ad formats (banners).
      Affinity In Page Ads
    6. In Margin: Relevant banner ads (skyscraper) are displayed along browser margins. (This is recently added)
      Affinity In Margin Ads

      Ad Cloud and In-text ads are enabled by default in the Affinity dashboard while the other ad types are to be opted.

  • Loading Time: Although not fast like Adsense, they’re not taking much time to load.
  • Payment: Adsense still issues payments through checks for publishers in several countries but Affinity offers two payment modes – PayPal and Direct bank transfer. BTW, if you’re a non-resident of US, you’ll need to fill out the W-8BEN Form to be eligible for receiving payments.
  • Affinity Income Report : (Payment sent to PayPal)
    Affinity Ads Income report

How to Fill Out W-8BEN Form?

Link: Affinity Ads (No Affiliate Link)


  1. Does any site approval required for affinity like in adsense? i think it is not so easy to get through for affinity. Please post some tips for how to get through for affinity ads…

  2. I learnt about affinity ads for the first time. It looks like Infolinks but with some more ad choices like in-image ad and in-page banner. I definitely need to give it a try. Thanks a lot for the review!

  3. Thanks buddy fr the info…I dint knew much affinity, i was using infolinks and it is not providing much income. Just applied for affinity, just wanted to know if i can able to use infolinks and affinity ads simultaneously?

  4. It looks like Infolinks. I am using Infolinks at currently and I will apply for that when my website reach the approval conditions. it seems as a best alternative of Adsene.

    1. It is may be you’re writing for the users in your region. Nepal has less CPC compared to other countries like US, UK and Australia. Try to write topics useful for people in those countries and I bet you’ll see higher CPC. All the best.

  5. Ohh…Its amazing..Nice new way to earn maney through website. I am happy to see this. I am a new blogger, and try to request for adsence to google..But i don’t know wether its approve my adsence request or not, But i am so happy to see affinity ads. Its amzing , i like its footer ads way to place ads..I want to know what is the mod of payments of affinity..and what is the revenue of affinity ads than google ads..Please give me answer quick..

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