Does Google Pay Well for an Entertainment Blog or Niche?

These days most of the newbie bloggers are having a technology blog and so ranking high in such a competition takes more dedication and hard work. Instead, if you’ve a passion for movies, music etc… its better to work on an entertainment niche rather than an unknown or hard to target niche.

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Does Google Pay Well for an Entertainment Blog or Niche?

This is the most popular/commonly asked question by bloggers when they enter into Bloggng. Many webmasters say, Google pays well with the Tech niche as the bidding for technology/software products is higher when compared to the bidding on an entertainment or related niche where bidders will not require a sale.

A movie news related website has nothing to do with a software product or service and so the advertisers show their ads only to promote or create awareness of their upcoming movie or something similar. That is why these advertisers are more likely to bid on CPM based advertisements where you get paid for 1000 ad impressions and not clicks.

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Entertainment Blogs
Let’s come to the actual question – Can we consider entertainment niche to earn high income from Google Adsense?

The answer is YES! Although entertainment blogs have a low CPC (in general it averages b/w 0.05$ to 0.10$), they tend to receive 1000s of visitors and impressions unlike technology blogs. Also, people like to spend more time on an entertainment portal compared to a technology blog.

Comparing all the above metrics such as time on site, page views and CPC, if you work best on your entertainment blog (movie reviews, gossips, news etc..), You’ll surely earn well than a technology blog.

Which type of Ad formats works well for an Entertainment blog?

As these types of blogs get huge impressions per visits, CPM ads (cost per thousand impressions) will work better.

For example..

You’re getting 10,000 visits and 40,000 page views (an average entertainment blog will get a minimum of 3 to 4 page views per visit). Let’s assume you’re getting 0.06 as CPC on an average and 6000 clicks.

6000 x 0.06 = 360$

If you try to improve your pageviews, you’ll surely earn well with Adsense why because the CTR will be high for such kind of blogs.

BTW, direct advertisements will do wonders on a movie news blog.

Final Verdict: If you’ve a passion for writing entertainment articles, do prefer it and remember to monetize your blog with CPM ads (use either Google Adsense or any Adsense alternative) as they’ll pay you good due to the fact that ET blogs get huge impressions.

Which Categories Should I Chose for my Entertainment Blog?

There are several sub-categories or topics which you can consider writing on your entertainment blog.

  • Acting
  • Anime
  • Artists
  • Comics
  • Dance
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Radio
  • Television

Although there are several sub-categories in an entertainment niche, I personally suggest you to blog based on your interest.

Interest is the main key to get success in any field.

Please note my words.


  1. You are right sir, Entertainment blogs are way better than tech blogs for newbie bloggers. I have seen many youngsters earning huge from there entertainment blogs.

  2. hey radha krishnan, thanks a lot for sharing this post. I myself am working on entertainment niche and its beginning so I had few doubts. You have clearly put an end to them.
    thanks again..

  3. I also have a movie niche blog that I started recently and visitors are quite growing since I started. Good to blog for interest to write well.

  4. You are right . Entertainment blog get more pageview that a tech blog also CPC is log it is about .05$ but their is a big problem . google is not approving adsense account for movie related blog easily .

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