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Hi Friends, this is Radha Krishna, the author of 9to5Blogger. I don’t call myself an entrepreneur as I am not yet a full-time blogger.

I’m 25 years old and I’m working on Web Analytics for one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in India. I did my Masters PG in Computer Science from Andhra University. Although, I started Blogging 5 years back, I used to work only part-time on my blogs and I still manage to earn few thousand dollars each month by serving third-party advertisements on my blogs and also through affiliate marketing.

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My Other Blogs

  • TeChZeNe – It’s a technology blog that covers topics related to computers, internet and how-to guides.
  • Dr.HealthTips – You can find the useful health tips for good health, beauty tips, body fitness guides, Yoga techniques, healthy recipes & lot more.
  • HighMark – It is a review blog where our team of expert reviewers pick the top 10 products that are worth your money.
  • And several other micro-niche blogs which I can’t list out here.

About 9to5Blogger:

Every blogger’s sole dream would be to become a full-time blogger at some or the other point of time. Full-time job requires you to work from 9AM till 5PM (most cases) and the same dedication is required for a blogger. He should choose a proper work schedule or else he’d end up with having several health related problems. This idea made me to name this blog as “9to5 Blogger”, a blogger who works from 9AM till 5PM i.e., full-time on his blogs.

At 9to5 Blogger, I write articles mostly on Blogger Tips, WordPress Guides, SEO Tips and Webmaster Tutorials. Although these articles have been covered by many bloggers out there on their blogs, I try to write them in-depth and in simple English, so that a blogger having no technical knowledge can easily understand.

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Update [Sep 5, 2012]: I’m now a Full-time Blogger.


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  2. How is it that you are able to make money with bluehost when you don’t have many articles on bluehost on this blog. Its not search engine traffic is it

  3. Hi,
    We’re interested in advertising on your blog. Let me know if you’re interested in discussing further about it.

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  4. Hi radha krishna , i am satya , gone through your blogging site ( techzene and 9 to 5 blogger) as u said you have 5 years experiance in blogging field. There is a useful information regarding technologies.in both the site you have uniqe point about the blogging guide and tips. Do you realy invites the newbloggers. Then how do you help them,

  5. hi radhakrishna ,this is your old friend . please call me when you are free, using old number waiting for your call

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