How to Write an SEO Friendly Article?

Writing SEO Friendly ArticlesWhat is SEO Friendly Content?

SEO friendly content is nothing but the content that was written keeping in mind how a search engine might see it.

Does SEO friendly content mean writing only for search engines?

Obviously yes! Because search engines now-a-days want you to provide content that is interesting as well as informative to the users or readers. So, if you write for your readers, then you make search engines happy and viceversa.

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles or Content?

There are few considerations to be taken care of while writing an article If you want it to be search engine friendly.

1.Ideal and Unique Title:

Every one of us knows how many articles are spread over the Internet having same concept. Although, you write your own views about the topic, you should chose a different and unique title of all which is both short and catchy for the readers. An ideal title should give a rough picture to the readers about the insights of your article.

The ideal length of title is 6 to 8 words. Simply, perform a search for your topic and see what keywords are being used by your competitors.

Ex: The most popular title used by many for the topic I was discussing is “How to Write SEO Friendly Content?” but what you should note is; using the same copy of title will not fetch you any positive results. So, instead of using the same title, use “3 Steps to Write SEO Friendly Content” which is unique and search engine friendly.

2.Body of the Article:

Body of the article is the actual area which should be focused more. First, do a quick research of most used keywords using Google Adwords keyword tool and make a note of it. Suggested keyword usage is 5 to 6 for a 500 word article i.e., 2 to 4 % ratios. Don’t do any keyword stuffing. Use synonyms wherever necessary.

The ideal length of an article is 400 to 800 words. As lengthy articles make users are not liked by many, try to write short and informative articles.

Tip: Internal linking is a very good SEO technique. Link to your old articles wherever you find a chance.

3.Proof Reading:

This is the most crucial part which is neglected by many. Always, cross check your article for any misspelled words or grammatical errors.

That’s it! Follow these 3 tips to write an SEO friendly article.


  1. Radha bro as you mentioned about “Interlinking” . I am following this method in my last 5-6 blogger posts.I have query regarding Interlinking :-
    1. Will it increase my Alexa Rank and Google PR ?
    2. Does it have any impact on Google Search ?
    I wanna go on #1 for my keywords (Every Blogger want to be #1 but my blog is about Local Indian Keywords , so less defenders ).So please give me tips about post writing,Keywords and being #1 on Google.

    • Interlinking will not have major impact on Alexa rankings but will surely have positive impact on organic rankings…Of-course your PR will flow through all your interlinked posts.

      And if you want to get to the top for your keywords, try to get backlinks with your targetted keywords in the anchor text. This can be possible with submitting your blog to high PR directories. Will soon publish a list of high PR directories…stay tuned…

      All the best 🙂

    • There is no particular limit on the word count of an article. But I prefer less and informative as users will not spare much time to read lengthy articles. And for snippet/meta description, I prefer the 156 count.

  2. Thanks for sharing! that great tips for friendly SEO writing. Absolutely, writing with killer title and use headline to break the articles body content. conducting keywords research and long tail to target more specific interested and slice it into the some important part such as title, headline, body content, and end of articles are friendly SEO technique. This articles useful way I thinks.

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