Which Niches are not Allowed by Adsense?

If you’re reading this post, then I’m sure you know at least something about Google Adsense and how it helps people to earn money online. But, most of the people get their Adsense accounts banned for not following the Adsense TOS policies. Google bans Adsense accounts mainly due to malicious action such as unusual click activity, copyright/piracy issues and content that is not liked by Google.

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Adsense Banned Due to TOS Violation
In this article, let us discuss which topics/content is not allowed by Google Adsense, so that you don’t start a website with topics that are disliked by Google and get banned.

  • Adult Content: Adult content includes pornographic and sexual images/videos. To be precise, the content that isn’t appropriate to be viewed along with family & especially children is “Adult content”.
  • Copyrighted/Piracy Content: You’re not allowed to use Adsense network on sites that distribute pirated materials like mp3, videos etc… Also, you’re not supposed to use other’s content on your website without his/her approval, which violates Adsense TOS. In case if they filed a DMCA complaint against your website, then your account would surely get banned by Google. So, its always better to stay away from these activities.
  • Drugs/Addictive Material: Adsense ads are not permitted to go live on websites that promote illegal drugs.
  • Click2Earn Sites: Placing ads on websites that offer their users whenever an action is performed such as clicking on ads, browsing pages, surveying products, reading mails etc…is completely against Adsense TOS.
  • Gambling/Hacking: All these illegal activities like money bets, distributing pirated software etc…are not allowed by Google Adsense.
  • Violence: Websites that promote or display images/videos with violent material such as freak accidents, fighting and/or content that isn’t safe for a family is against Adsense. So, no hate content or racism and harmful weapons.
  • Google Brand: You’re not in any way allowed to use Google brand features like Google Finance on your website and also no trademark terms in your domain name.

That’s it! Do note that there is very less chance for an Adsense account to be restored after getting banned by Google. So, it’s better to read & follow the Google Adsense terms & conditions and play safe 🙂


  1. Wonderfully explanatory tips. I have been trying to get an approval on my adsense account but it keeps getting rejected. I think my site meets these criteria but the domain is only a month and 3 weeks old. could that be the reason for the disapproval?

  2. I read your article as i was interested to know about it.
    Is there any way we can make these sites compatible with adsense ?

  3. Is it true bloggers from india and china can submit to adsense after 6 months? This is a scary fact i read in some of the forums

    • It is not officially stated by Adsense guys but it is rumored that a blog from India should be live atleast for 6 months to be eligible for Adsense. This is because Adsense accounts are being misused by several people.

  4. Great explanation bro. Thanks. My site is 2 months old now and has a very good traffic . I also think it meets all the criteria. Can i apply now? How many visitors or impressions do i need per month before applying?

  5. Another nich is chat sites, I had a site for over 3 years in the adsense program, then one day I had allot of clicks and adsense took a look at my site, they ban my site with no explination, did allot of request to get approval, one responce was that I used iframes for the ads, then after removing the iframes, then they responded that CHAT sites are not permited, because adsense(google bot) was not able to read the content of chat sites, they did pinted me to a policy where that was stated, even if I did give adsense a back door to read the content… this was 2 years ago, and I’m still looking for another source of revenue to pay my hosting and domain.

  6. Thanks for this. i think people need to know alot more about the Terms and Conditions of google before they start becoming dependent on the income. I know many people who have been banned but claim to have done nothing wrong. i am sure they more likely did not read all the t+c’s properly.

  7. hacking is my enthusiasm and i ll never stop writing on it. i am not saying i m black hat hacker but i am more into network securities and i ll keep discussing several aspects of hacking and if adsense people have got problem with that ? fine, i don’t need there ads .

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