Add Numbered Pagination in WordPress without any Plugin

If your WordPress blog is having a decent number of articles, then it is a wise idea to display numbered pagination at the footer of your index as it helps in easy navigation of your archives. Of-course, the default WordPress pagination comes with … [Continue reading]

Interview of Pradeep Kumar a.k.a Hell Bound Blogger

Pradeep Kumar HBB Interview

Hello friends, I am trying to launch the ‘ProBlogger Interviews’ section in this blog since many days but unable to do so due to some reasons. And today, I am happy to publish the first interview in the series. First in the list is someone who is … [Continue reading]

Ultimate Tips to Reduce Website Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate, a well-known Analytics grade to all people in the blogosphere. Surprisingly, this is the only figure in the entire web analytics tool that needs to be reduced :) . The rest of the figures like Visits, Page Views, Time on Site, … [Continue reading]

Never Add NoFollow Tags to Your Internal Pages [SEO Tip]

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, PageRank is one factor which most webmasters still considers as one of the top ranking factor. Of-course, Google lately dropped this ranking factor (toolbar page rank) from its algorithm. However, they … [Continue reading]

HTTP Status Codes, Their Meaning and SEO Benefits

You might've encountered the term "HTTP status code" for sure if you're a webmaster or a web developer or in any way related to the websites. Every time you enter a website address in your web browser, a request is made by the browser to your … [Continue reading]