How to Embed Responsive YouTube Videos on a WordPress?

Recently, I came across a problem while embedding a YouTube video on one of my blogs. Being a tech blog, I post a lot of gadget related articles which need video demos. Eventhough I am using a responsive theme, it doesn't mean all the elements on the … [Continue reading]

Clicksor Publisher Review

Clicksor is a contextual ad serving program which is one of the best Adsense alternatives (from my personal experience), especially for the entertainment blogs. The only disadvantage of Clicksor is the pop-up ads that annoy the user, but this can be … [Continue reading]

Difference Between Hits, Visits and Unique Visits

Many people get confused while looking at the web stats of any website. It’s always better to have an idea of web stats, including Hits, Visitors and Unique visitors. So, today I’d like to share a few thoughts of mine about the difference between the … [Continue reading]

How to Add Star Ratings to Your Blogger Blog Posts?

Blogger has introduced Star rating badge which lets the visitors rate your blog posts on a rate of 5. As of now, this feature is still in beta, you don't find this option in your regular Blogger dashboard. However, you can activate it by going to … [Continue reading]

Enable Custom Permalinks in Local WordPress Server

The most preferred method to test new things on a WordPress blog is to install WordPress software on your computer or-else you may end up with a lot of errors in case if anything went wrong. If you've already installed it, then you might know that if … [Continue reading]