How to Market/Promote your Blog Offline?

Google Plus Sticker on Mousepad

One shouldn’t ignore “promotion” if he wants to get customers to his product/service and that applies to blogging too. In my case, I put 35% of effort to write and 65% to promote my websites. This is because, your blog won’t taste success if people … [Continue reading]

Selling Articles Via Guest Blogging

Blogging occupies a very important position in the creation or development of content for the internet. This particular feature in the world of content development hugely improves the overall presentation of the content thus developed and also … [Continue reading]

Niches that Require Little/No Writing Skills

Tips to Improve Writing Skills

The title may seem crazy but there are few people who asked me this question and I thought a detailed article would benefit them and others alike. Usually, most bloggers say that Blogging is something that requires awesome content writing skills. … [Continue reading]

Free Online Logo Design Websites

For every pretty blog, there needs to be a good looking logo and creating a logo for a website/blog requires some creativity. If you’re having photoshop skills then it is a kids play to create an awesome logo for your blog but what if you’re a noob … [Continue reading]

How to Sign-up for Google Apps Free Edition?

Google has terminated its free edition of Google Apps and starting now, users have to sign up for the business edition of Google Apps ($50/yr) in order to have a branded email address such as Also See: How to Setup Custom Domain … [Continue reading]