Never Add NoFollow Tags to Your Internal Pages [SEO Tip]

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, PageRank is one factor which most webmasters still considers as one of the top ranking factor. Of-course, Google lately dropped this ranking factor (toolbar page rank) from its algorithm. However, they still consider the internal PageRank of a website based on its authority. But, you can still consider the Google PageRank as having a good PR helps in getting high paying advertisers to your website or blog.

How Google Page Rank Algorithm Works?

Google allots a fixed number of points (scores) to a web page that are then divided equally among the remaining pages that are linked from that main page.

Let’s assume, Google has assigned our page 100 points and the website contains 5 internal pages which are linked from that page i.e., 5 hyperlinks. Now, these 5 pages will gain 20 points each from Google. If two of these pages are hyper-linked using the rel=nofollow attribute, then Google will give 20 points each for the remaining 3 pages and the 2 pages that are linked using nofollow tag will not be given any points. According this calculation, the balance 40 points (100 – 20*3) are gone wasted.

Wondering whether to use the nofollow attribute in your internal links or not? Google’s webmaster site recommends the use of nofollow in some scenarios:

Search engine robots can’t sign in or register as a member on your forum, so there’s no reason to invite Googlebot to follow “register here” or “sign in” links. Using nofollow on these links enables Googlebot to crawl other pages you’d prefer to see in Google’s index.

Google Engineer ‘Matt Cutts’ however suggested completely different from this stand.

Matt has advised that webmasters shouldn’t use rel=nofollow attribute when linking to any of their internal pages even if they decided not to see those internal pages in search engine results.

There is no special reason shared by him to prove his statement, but, as a webmaster, we should always say “no to nofollow” on internal links as we want our internal pages to be crawled by the search engines whenever possible.

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