Allow Multiple Users to Access your Adsense Account

Are you working along with a partner? Need to grant him access to your Adsense account? Then here is a good news for you from the Google Adsense team! Google Adsense has enabled this much awaited feature to the new Adsense interface.

You can happily invite others (people you trust) to access your Adsense account. The invited person can run reports, generate Ad code and even manage payment information. He can also be able to change the Google account that is linked to the Adsense account.

As of now, two types of user permissions can be granted: Admin and Standard users. The administrator will have all types of permissions like you but the Standard user can only have limited access to your Adsense account.

A few limitations levied on this multiple user Adsense account are as follows.

  • You are not allowed to add/invite a user with an existing Adsense account i.e., his/her Google account should not be linked to any Adsense account.
  • If a user has previously been rejected by Adsense, you can’t add him/her.

Tip: With this new multi-user Adsense feature in place, now you can easily change your Adsense login email. Simply, send an invitation to your other email ID and give it admin rights. Login from your invited email ID and remove the primary administrator (email).

To access this feature, simply go to “Account Settings” which is present in the left sidebar and scroll-down to find the option “Users with Sign-in access”. In the text field, enter the email ID of the person you wanted to invite and click “Invite”. Remember to checkmark the option “Administrator” if you want that person as an administrator of your Adsense account or else uncheck the option and send an invite to grant him standard permissions.

Multiple User Access Adsense Account

For any additional information, see FAQ’s page.

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14 Comments to “Allow Multiple Users to Access your Adsense Account”

  1. Makanth says:

    Thanks for sharing useful information. Actually i and my partner are waiting for this type of facility in ad sense from the long time. This tip made our life easy, Please keep share latest updates
    Makanth recently posted..Andala Rakshasi Movie Release DateMy Profile

  2. Shiva Poudel says:

    Yep, amazing post….
    It’s very good to see that Google is being pretty active and busy too in recent days. And additionally, I hope Google will deliver more such integration options for other services also. Hence always stay tuned for such updates!
    Shiva Poudel recently posted..Manage Multiple Users With Single AdSense Account?My Profile

  3. narender says:

    Bro i started blogging 1 year ago and wht i did was just a copy paste.Bt now i have made a genuine blog with copyscape passed articles.
    in past i applied for adsense 7 time and all times my accounts got banned bcoz of same ip.Now i made adsense accomt frm my friend’s pc and also changed payee name,address etc.I am displaying ads on my blog since one week andaccount is running well.
    so thing i wanna know is can i use invite featute to acess my account from my own pc whose ip is blacklisted in google adsense ?

    • HI Narender, that will get in to even more troubles. Best thing you can do is access your friends computer remotely to login to your adsense account…The IP ban will not last for long and in future you can access it directly from your computer…(Safe)

      OrElse, You can also try to change your computer IP using IP changer softwares and access your Adsense account direct from your computer (Risky)

  4. Narender says:

    I used this method and my adsense got banned. Ž:-(

    • Your adsense may not be banned due to this method…It may be due to clickbombing…Just review your adsense clicks for the past 1 month and if you notice any sudden increase in clicks, then it may be due to clickbombing…If yes, do report to Adsense support…

  5. Narender says:

    This adsense was just 9 days old Radha bhai.It was having 700 impressions and just 3 clicks.Reason i got from google was risk to advertisers. 🙁

    • Oh..Sorry about that..May be your Adsense account was reviewed for the second time after the ads were placed. Adsense has introduced this two-step verification process recently. Send a reply to the support mentioning all the points you’ve noticed..Hope for the best.

  6. Narender says:

    No Radha Bro Its just and just banned due to My ip.Because in past i made 7 accounts from same ip.Now my ip is blacklisted in Google Adsense.Next time i will made from my friend’s pc. 🙂
    Narender recently posted..Data Entry Operator And LDC SSC JobMy Profile

  7. Is there any way to limit the time period for which income is shown to my partnet??

  8. Emy says:

    my internet connection is changed so my ip is changed from the ip from which i got adsense is gone i am accessing my adsense from new ip is this allowed by adsense ?
    Emy recently posted..By: Shoeb KhanMy Profile

  9. Varsha says:

    This is a nice feature addition especially since nowadays work is done in teamwork so it is desirable to give access to other trusted team members.

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