Installing WordPress on Hostgator Webhosting {Tutorial}

We’ve seen many examples to say WordPress is the best CMS of all. Earlier when WordPress CMS was launched, users have given no option except to install wordpress manually by uploading files to their hosting cPanel and then configuring it like we do in local WordPress installation. However, this scenario has changed now as all the hosting companies came up with a solution to install WordPress using Fantastico, an automatic or 1-click solution to install WordPress on your server.

When it comes to WordPress hosting, HostGator is the most talkative and supportive hosting service of all. Before you get started with WordPress, you’ll need to link your domain with your hosting service. Once your domain name servers have been changed to match your hosting servers, continue with the installation.

Installing WordPress on Hostgator Webhosting

  1. Login to your Hostgator cPanel >> Look out for “Fantastico De Luxe” under “Software/Services” section.

    Install WordPress using Fantastico in Hostgator

  2. Click on it. On the next screen, select “Wordpress”.

    Select WordPress from Hostgator

  3. Next, select the domain on which you wish to install WordPress software.
  4. You can either choose the root directory ( or the sub-directory ( for the installation.

    Wordpress Installation Tutorial

  5. Click “Install WordPress”.

That’s it! You’ll now be able to login to your WordPress blog using the login credentials provided by you. Generally, WordPress blog can be accessed @

Tip: Install the recommended WordPress plugins for efficient blogging.

You can also install WordPress on Hostgator using QuickInstall method.