How to Taste Success with a Tech Blog?

Every newbie these days is starting out as a Blogger with the tech niche and so it’s obvious to say that technology niche is fully competitive. Each day, several hundreds of blogs are created on the niche “technology” and almost 70 to 85% of them are getting vanished after a few days. It is because the Blogger who’ve started the blog may have lost interest in updating his blog regularly or he has not tasted success with his new technology blog. There are several reasons for one to fail in tech blogging – no dedication, no frequent updates, no uniquity are a few.

Well, today I’d like to discuss a few points that can lead you to success with your new tech blog.

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How to Make a Successful Tech Blog ?


Unlike the other niches, tech niche is somewhat different. You’ll have to dedicate completely to one blog as most of the technology updates are time-based and if you couldn’t update the news on time, then you’re out of the league. If you’ve only one blog and you’ve dedicated yourself completely to it, then you’ll have plenty of time to concentrate on it. In case you don’t want to leave your other blog, then hire someone to write for it.
Dedication Towards Blogging

Frequent Updates

The same (above) applies here. Regular posting is one good habit of a tech blogger. Try to stay updated on the latest trends, tech news, and popular magazines. Most importantly subscribe to the popular blogs in your niche. [MashableThinkDigitRRWTNW]
Regular Website Updates


I know what you’re thinking about! If we’re writing news covered by others, then how could we make it unique? You can make the content unique by adding your thoughts about the news by doing some research about the topic before posting it on your blog. Always remember to write in your own language (not mother tongue) i.e., create your own writing style and don’t imitate others style of writing.
Write Unique Content


While one part of making a tech blog successful is writing quality content regularly, the other part is to market it to the public. With Google’s regular changes to its algorithm, social votes have gained more importance in improving a blog’s search ranking. So, try to promote your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , Pinterest and several other social networking sites where users will engage more. Next, build quality backlinks by blog commenting and guest postings.
Social Media Marketing

Make sure you follow all these steps and I’m sure you’ll taste your success in tech blogging no matter how many competitors you’ve but remember all you need to have is dedication.

P.S: All the points I mentioned here are based on my personal experiences with TechZene.

Are you also a tech blogger? Please do share your success with us.

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17 Comments to “How to Taste Success with a Tech Blog?”

  1. Actually I am also being a Tech Blogger but yet the same problem with me which you describer. Updating My older blog takes a lot of time and resultant I am unable to do much on my Tech Blog but once I got something from Google Adsense Then I can consider my self as a Full Time Blogger and then there would be a lot of time for me to serve my readers . That was truly amazing article Radha Bro .
    Narender Chopra recently posted..Top 10 Indian Bloggers of 2012My Profile

  2. Neeraj says:

    I am a newbie blogger,and i dont blog about technology….I blog about health news,tips and reviews ( My opinion about blogs(of ne niche) is that…the blogger shud see his blog…as a medium of social service….Think how can ne person who visits his blog,gets armed wid useful information,tip and advice,thus benefiting outta it!!..after all…ders d word SOCIAL in social networking!!…traffic,money etc. shud be secondary factors!!! …

  3. Radhe bro I got a page rank of two. Do you suggest signing up for some review sites and doing paid reviews?
    george t mathew recently posted..What are the benefits of a Facebook group for your blog/ business?My Profile

  4. Hey Radhe Bro Its a good news for you. From your help I got PR 3 this time. Thank you for all your help for content writing and link building . I wanna know something about ” How to get paid reviews ” . Hope you will do a blog post about it or would clear my doubts with a reply .
    Narender Chopra recently posted..High PR Do Follow Social Bookmarking WebsitesMy Profile

  5. Dencia says:

    Dedication and constant update are 2 of the attributes you have to possess if you want to succeed as a tech blogger.
    Dencia recently posted..Oando PLC: Graduate Business Development AnalystMy Profile

  6. data backup says:

    This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. This is very nice one and gives indepth information. Thanks for this nice article.

  7. NCrypted says:

    Sure, Technology is ever changing day by day so you just need to know news about technology from online market then write it in your words and upload it on your blog. My point of view in every field whenever competition is high and you need to go ahead that field you must do something new and extra ordinary things from others.

  8. anis says:

    thanks for this cool post i will visit again
    anis recently posted..How to get a free payoneer MastercardMy Profile

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  10. Priya Chopra says:

    What an article i must say great writing skills, also i am reader of your techzene too.

    Priya Chopra recently posted..Private picture of Mark Zuckerberg’s family leaks OnlineMy Profile

  11. mohan says:

    I have a tech blog.And I am part time blogger.This tech blog helps me to learn new things everything which is actually useful in software development.

  12. very nice post i vl visit again as This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. This is very nice one and gives indepth information. Thanks for this nice article.

  13. […] too. In my case, I put 35% of effort to write and 65% to promote my websites. This is because, your blog won’t taste success if people didn’t even know about your website and that is why proper marketing has to be done. […]

  14. RAJ says:

    The points mention here are good however the bigger problem is when you all these stuff and still you can’t follow it. Would be interesting to see if we can get some points on how to keep going when Blog is not performing well.
    RAJ recently posted..Difference between Derived Columns, Derived Tables and SUBQUERIESMy Profile

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