Panguin Tool – Google Algo Penalty Checker

Google is being very strict with sites with poor quality content and has its own view on duplicate content. In that aspect, Google is continuously changing its algorithm to serve quality pages/content to the people who searched through Google. Till now, there were several Google algorithms released and many of them have imposed penalties on a huge number of blogs. A few among such recent algo changes includes Panda, Penguin, EMD Algo Update and Google Panda 20.

Let’s not discuss how to recover from Google penalties now, as we spoke about it in our earlier posts. But, let’s discuss the way with which we can find which Google algo change hit our blog.

Find out How & Which Google Algorithm Updates Impacted your Blog?

I’ve found a pretty useful tool called “Panguin Tool” that lets you know which Google update hit your blog either positively or negatively.

  1. Go to “”.
  2. Login to your Google Analytics account and grant access to it.
  3. Choose the web analytics account with which your blog is associated with and then select your blog (property).
    Choose Google Analytics Account-Panguin Checker
  4. You’ll now see a timeline of your blog traffic along with the algorithm updated dates.
    Google Penguin Algo Penalty Checker
  5. You can then analyze and know which algo hit your blog.

Note: Set the data range up to 6 months so that you can judge whether the traffic hike/loss is the effect of Google algorithm or due to any other reasons.

It’s always advised to check your blog traffic to ensure if it is not hit by any Algo updates.


  1. That’s a great tool, really easy to use. But do you think the analysis made is trustworthy..

  2. This is the first time I here a Penalty checker
    thanks for good explanation Radha Krishna

  3. When i read the title i thought that it was a spelling mistake. I was wrong. I don’t think i’ll get hit by penguin since my blog is new but maybe panda.

  4. That’s so helpful tool in that time when Google Panda And Penguin are on their way to clean Google Search 😀

  5. Thanks for sharing such a nice tool for Google algo penalty. After visiting the site, people are commenting that it does not work or work properly.
    Have you checked this tool. Is this only for Penguin or any Google algo update.
    By the way, most of the people know why their site was affected as they keep on checking their Analytics account on regular basis.

    • Although, the tool was basically created for detecting penguin penalty, it is also useful to find the other penalties. There is no secret algorithm behind the tool, it just simple compares the algorithm updated date and our traffic data. BTW, it is showing as “Other” for EMD penalty. May be the admin hasn’t named it.

  6. Thanks for this it is a really helpful post – the panguin tool is exactly what we needed to do some analysis

  7. Useful tool to find penalties.My blog traffic reduced due to these updates.

  8. Can you help me please?

    Should I need to redirect (301) my Old Domain to my new Domain – because my old Domain was panelise by Google dance.

    My Domain

  9. Nice tool and working very well…
    and i am happy because my blog not penalized by google algo.

  10. Nice Tool to check Panda Update.

  11. Nice post. I read about the google penguin penalty checker elsewhere too. But you have explained it in nice way. A good read literally. Thank you.

  12. Thanks for sharing a really good writeup due to so many updates from google in recent times a checker utility is a must for tracking

  13. @radhe
    this is really helpfull post.thanks,for this important information.I am getting big fan of your,s blogs.please add me as a friend in gmail (

  14. This is helpful.. I’m about to try this out cause my rankings dropped a bit but I still don’t know if it’s due to a penalty or not. I feel like they would have dropped a lot more severely if i were penalized, so it could be something else.


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