Secure your WordPress Blog using Google Authenticator Plugin

If you’re active on the social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, you might’ve heard a lot of WordPress users have been complaining that their WordPress blogs are hacked. This is also the case with my favorite Blogger “Amit” of labnol and so I thought of suggesting a pretty useful and must have WordPress plugin named “Google Authenticator”.

What this plugin does is it adds two-step verification to your WordPress blog just like your Google account. So, you’ll have to enter both your password as well as the code generated (sent) on your mobile phone in order to login to your WordPress blog. The plugin uses the Google Authenticator app for Smartphones like Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.

Google Authenticator WordPress Login Page

How to Install & Set Up Google Authenticator WordPress Plugin?

  1. Simply, upload and install the Authenticator plugin (See instructions for installing a WordPress plugin). Once installed, activate it.
  2. Enter a description under Users > Profile and Personal Options page under the Google Authenticator section.
  3. A QR code will be generated. Scan the code with the Google Authenticator app on your phone or enter the secret code manually.
    Google Authenticator Plugin for WordPress
  4. A similar screen with a verification code will be displayed on your mobile screen. You can enter the time-based code whenever you’re prompted during account sign-in.
    Google Authenticator Mobile Application
  5. Next, click on the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page.

That’s it! Your blog is now even more secure than before with the new 2-step verification process in place.

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