Fix Google Apps Server Error When Creating First Admin Account

I am a great fan of the Google Apps service as it enables us to personal details (privacy info) for as little as $10 including the domain registration cost. If we booked the same domain directly on Godaddy or eNom, we’d have to pay an extra amount to protect our Whois listing. Recently, I have registered around 6 new domains through my Blogger account. Everything went fine with the registration but later when I opened the link that Google apps have sent me to create an administrator account, it didn’t work. I just got the ‘server error’ message when creating my first admin account.

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I have tried all possible ways to solve the problem by referring to the Google forums but all the solutions like ‘reset the password’ or ‘rename the user’ didn’t work for me.

The main reason behind this problem is that Google Apps automatically creates or assigns a username called ‘bloggeradmin’ immediately after your custom domain is purchased. As there is already a user for your custom domain, you’ll not be able to create your administrator account. The only possible solution would be to reset your Google Apps (custom domain) password.

Simply, head over to and fill the captcha. You’ll now get an email to your official Gmail account with which you purchased your custom domain. Click on it, enter your new password and click ‘Save new password’.

Google Apps Server Error for Newly Created Custom Domain

Tip: Use different browsers to login into your Gmail and Google Apps if you’re not familiar with switching to multiple Gmail accounts.

That’s it! You can now happily login to your Google apps account by going to and manage all your domain information.

Note: The username for your Google Apps account would be ‘bloggeradmin’ and the password is what you’ve given in the second step. In case if you wanted to change the username from ‘bloggeradmin’ to something else, simply follow this link. Also, don’t forget to change the word ‘’ with your custom domain.

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