How Facebook has got #1 Alexa Rank? {Case Study}

Until a few weeks back, Google has dominated Alexa ranking as the number 1 visited website in the world. But, suddenly Facebook which was ranked 2nd suddenly overtook Google. Many users have thought that there was some glitch in the Alexa ranking system and waited for Google to return back to its position. However, there is no change in Google and Facebook’s Alexa rank.

You might also be thinking that there is something wrong with Alexa ranking system as Google is the most used website in the world. But the truth is there is absolutely nothing fault in the Alexa ranking system and here is our case study on “how Facebook topped Alexa”.

Facebook Vs Google Alexa Ranking

Every computer user knows Google is the most widely used websites on the web and at the same time, not every computer user has got a Facebook account. Then how come Alexa has ranked Facebook as #1?

It may be because Facebook has only one domain ( which is served to everyone in the world while Google serves different tld versions based on the user’s visiting country such as for India, for Australia etc…

Is Alexa really Worth in determining a Websites Traffic?

The above example clearly proves that we shouldn’t depend on Alexa rank of a website to determine its credibility score. There are several websites in the entertainment niche that’re having low Alexa rank but they attract massive traffic and at the same time blogs in the marketing niche will have a very high Alexa rank and attract less traffic compared to entertainment blogs.

So, don’t worry about Alexa ranking anymore and find out how you can easily manipulate Alexa ranking.

Points to Remember:

  • A decent Alexa ranking improves the chances of potential advertisers to your website.
  • Low Alexa rank doesn’t mean a website is getting less visits.
  • Having high Alexa doesn’t imply your website ranks high in search engines.

All the information you read here is completely my opinion and didn’t mean to hurt anyones feelings.


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