How to Change the Font Size in WordPress?

Many a times, people want to use bigger font sizes while writing the content to attract the user’s attention. There are two ways to change the font size in WordPress. One way is by using the Paragraph headings and the other ways is through WordPress plugins. Let’s discuss both in detail.

How to Change the Font Size using Paragraph Headings?

Go to WordPress dashboard > New Post > “Visual Editor” mode > Select “Paragraph” and from the drop-down menu, choose the heading style you wish to use. Using these headings effectively will have good SEO impact on your blog. This is best suitable solution to highlight the heading elements.

WordPress Headings

However, in some cases, people like to use bigger font for the content other than heading elements. In that case, WordPress plugins come handy.

Increase/Decrease Font Size using TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

First of all, install and activate the WordPress plugin called TinyMCE Advanced. This particular plugin will add many good features to your WordPress visual editor and one of those useful features is the Font-Size.

TinyMCE WordPress Plugin to Increase Font Size

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