Best Premium Responsive WordPress Themes 2014

A few months back, we’ve discussed about the free responsive WordPress themes in our blog. However, not all loves free stuff and for those who like to go for premium WordPress themes that are responsive in nature, I am listing all the popular choices.

Responsive WordPress Themes from ElegantThemes.Com

Daily Journal ($39): It is one of the best responsive themes available on Elegant Themes store which will automatically adapt to your screen’s size. This theme is mostly suitable for Personal & Tech Blogs. Instead of purchasing single theme for $39, you can have all the 89 themes from Elegantthemes for $39.

Daily Journal WordPress Responsive Theme

Lucid ($39): It is a sleek & modern magazine WordPress theme which is mostly suitable for blogs that contain tons of content such as news blogs or multi-niche blogs.

Lucid Elegant Theme

Popular WordPress Responsive Themes at Mojo-Themes.Com

Aegaeus ($49): It is the most popular business theme with fresh & modern look besides the friendly features that makes the website standout from the crowd. Free Theme Installation offered.

Aegaeus from Mojo Themes

Breakout ($49): A sleek and responsive HTML 5 design that is built on the Theme Blvd framework. A wide range of customization options available.

Breakout Responsive Theme for WordPress

Neo ($39): A premium theme suitable for both personal & portfolio blogs. It comes with several customization options including fullscreen frontpage blog, different portfolio templates, full-screen backgrounds for every single page and many more.

NEO Responsive Theme for Portfolio Blogs

My Journal ($39): Clean & fully responsive magazine WordPress template suitable mostly for health & food & lifestyle blogs.

My Journal WP Magazine Theme

Cleanr ($49): A clean, beautiful and responsive theme which is suitable for portfolio and/or image based blogs (photography.

Cleanr WordPress Template Top Responsive Themes for WordPress Blogs

Metro ($39): This particular theme is inspired by Windows 8 interface and is responsive too. Perfect for computer tips blogs, especially to those related to Windows. Buy one & Get another for free (your choice).

Windows Style Metro WordPress Theme

Pinboard ($39): A pinterest-inspired theme which is suitable for image-rich & health blogs. Buy one & Get another for free (your choice).

Pinterest Like WordPress Theme

Suco ($39): An excellent theme with stunning homepage design. Perfect for Blogging or Internet Marketing related blogs. Buy one theme & Get another for free (your choice).

SUCO Theme for Responsive WordPress Blogs

Elemin ($39): This Elemin theme is being used by Amit on and can also be found on several other websites too. The beauty of this theme is that it is very clean & simple where the content is highlighted in particular than the design. Buy single theme & get another for free (your choice).

Elemin-Labol Style WordPress Theme

Photo Touch ($39): A beautiful design best suited for photography & portfolio sites. Users can simply press arrow keys to navigate through the photos, pinch, double tap etc…

Photography WP Theme

WooThemes.Com: Functional Responsive WordPress Designs

All the WordPress themes are powered by the WooFramework which provides a reliable & structured coding to make the customizations simpler for you. Know what is a WordPress theme framework?

Canvas ($70): A highly customizable blog design suitable for business, portfolio and technology blogs. $70 for Standard Package & $150 for Developer Package.

Woothemes Canvas WP Theme

Hope you’ll like these premium responsive Worpress themes like I did. As of now, I’ve updated only a few themes from well-known WordPress theme providers but I am going to add more to the list in the coming days which include theme frameworks like Genesis & Thesis too. Stay tuned…

What is a WordPress Theme Framework? Pros and Cons

Many WordPress beginners wonder what WordPress theme framework is and the benefits it has over the regular WP themes. So, in this article let us discuss the topics like what is WP theme framework, different types of theme frameworks, and the advantages & disadvantages of using a theme framework on a WordPress blog.

What is a WordPress Theme Framework?

In the beginning days of WordPress, developers used to create WordPress themes in the regular format and so upgrading those themes without losing the custom styling is not possible. There was also no way to prevent copy-pasting of the existing functionality in all themes. This may not seem like a big problem to the average users, but it can create nightmares for the following reasons.

  • The same code is being used on several themes of yours and you found some security loophole in your code. Will you be opening all your themes and update them?
  • What if you have 1000’s of themes being used on several blogs (downloaded)?

What is a WordPress Theme Framework
These two major problems made the developers think about introducing the concept of WordPress theme framework which includes Parent Theme and Child Theme.

All the functionality would be residing in the parent theme while the developers try to create child themes to add just the custom styling. So, if the development theme found a bug or a security exploit in the functionality code, then they’d just replace it in the parent theme, which doesn’t affect your styling at all. Hope you understood the concept.

Advantages of Using a WordPress Theme Framework

  • Quick Support: You can get your support q’s answered from the experts in the community.
  • Development made Easier: As all the functionality is already been taken care in the parent theme, all you need to concentrate is on the child theme and so it will drastically reduce the development time.
  • In-Built Functionality: Most of these theme frameworks come with in-built functionality and widgets.
  • Quality of Code: As these frameworks are developed by the industry’s top experts and are peer reviewed, the quality of the coding would be excellent.
  • Upgrading is Easier: You can upgrade your frameworks without your child theme getting affected which is a great plus.

WordPress Theme Framework Disadvantages

  • Unwanted Code: Generally, these framewoks come with thousands of lines of code that will not be of any use to you. Of-course, it will not have any direct influence on you.
  • Limited Learning: As the coding has been made easier, you’ll have no chance to learn/experiment new things w.r.t functionality. Of-course, you can contribute patch files (updated functionality to core files) to the community which if accepted, will be included in the future upgrades.
  • Price: Mostly, WordPress theme frameworks will not come for free. You’ll have to pay some fee (one time or annual) to get them.

I’ve purchased a few popular theme frameworks like Genesis and Thesis for experimenting purpose but I don’t usually use them on any of my blogs. I always love to hard code things. But, if you like to know the best WordPress theme frameworks available in the market, then here is the list for you.

Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks

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Have you used any WordPress theme frameworks till now? If so, which is your favorite one? Please do share with us.

How to Regenerate Thumbnails in WordPress in Bulk?

People usually face the problem with thumbnails when they switched to a new WordPress theme. A few problems faced by them are:

  • All the images uploaded after the theme change are displaying properly next to the post excerpts while the images uploaded while the old theme was in action are not displaying properly.
  • Even adjusting the image sizes in Settings > media didn’t solved the problem.

This problem exists mainly if your newly activated theme uses different sizes for thumbnails than the old one. In such cases, the best thing to do is to regenerate all the thumbnails to match your new themes thumbnail size.

  1. Simply install and activate the ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ plugin.
  2. Go to Tools > Regen. Thumbnails
    Image thumbnails not showing wordpress; solution
  3. Press the button that says ‘Regenerate all Thumbnails’.
    Regenerate Thumbnails in WordPress

That’s it! The plugin will now starts generating new image sizes defined in your new theme. In case if you want to regenerate sizes for individual images, you may do so by visiting Media > Library and click on the ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ link beside each image.

Note: No existing images will get affected. The plugin just creates duplicate copies with new sizes.

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Free Responsive WordPress Themes {1st Edition}

The world, right now, is busy searching for responsive web designs and so today I’d like to list out the free and best responsive WordPress themes which are good at looks too. The main advantage of a web responsive theme is that it doesn’t require a separate mobile version. No matter what device the end user is using to browse your site, the theme automatically adjusts itself according to the user’s screen resolution.

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List of Free Responsive WordPress Themes

BonPress: It is a two-column WordPress theme which automatically adapts to fit on any screen resolution or device. It comes with custom widgets for Sidebar and Footer.

Demo | Download

Oxygen: It is a simple and clean white WordPress theme. It comes with a mobile-friendly layout that fits on any device.

Demo | Download

Sundance: This responsive WordPress theme comes with a featured post slider, optional full-width layout option, parent page. The theme looks pretty simple and it adjusts according to the screen resolution of the user.

Demo | Download

Renova: It’s a minimal style single column WordPress blog theme with responsive web design. It works well on all devices with any screen resolution.

Demo | Download

Blaskan: It’s a simple-white responsive WordPress design which is suitable for technology blogs and any other content-related blogs.

Demo | Download

Mixfolio: it’s a simple web responsive, HTML 5 portfolio WordPress theme which can be used as blog too. The theme includes

Demo | Download

Yoko: It’s a flexible HTML5/CSS3 WordPress blog theme with responsive design. This WP theme adjusts itself to different screen sizes.

Demo | Download

Pagelines: It’s a professional WordPress theme where you can drag-and-drop elements as you wish. This free responsive WordPress template is designed based on HTML 5 and CSS3. It can also be used for eCommerce sites.

Demo | Download

Dailypost: It is a two-column WordPress theme with web responsive layout. This theme suits your everyday notes and thoughts.

Demo | Download

iTheme2: It’s a revamped version of iTheme which was originally created by Nick La. This WordPress theme is suitable for technology blogs.

Demo | Download

How to Install or Upload WordPress Themes?

WordPress being an open-source CMS have got many free and premium WordPress themes available online. A good looking WordPress template will help in attracting visitors as well as in branding your blog. Just like WordPress plugin installation, you can install WordPress themes either from dashboard or via FTP.

How to Search & Install Official WordPress Themes?

  1. Go to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes.
  2. Select the any of the tabs (Search/Featured/Newest/Recently Updated) except “Upload” where you’ll find the list of free WP themes uploaded by open-source enthusiasts.
    Search & Install Free WordPress Themes
  3. Preview each WordPress template until you find the one that is suitable for your blog and click “Install”.

How to Upload WordPress Themes from Dashboard?

  1. Go to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes.
  2. Select the “Upload” tab.
  3. Browse and locate your theme .zip file and click on “Install now”.
    Upload Custom WordPress Themes
  4. The theme will be unpacked and then installed on your server.
  5. Click on “Activate” to make your theme go live on your blog.

Make sure that you preview your template before activating it as some themes will show errors. If you don’t find any errors while previewing, then you can safely activate it.

How to upload & Install WordPress Themes using FTP Software?

This method is best if you wanted to install or edit several WordPress themes and this will also come handy at times when your dashboard is throwing errors while uploading the themes.

  1. Download any FTP software like FileZilla on to your computer.
  2. Run it and login with the FTP details provided by your hosting server.
  3. Unzip the WordPress theme folder you wanted to upload.
  4. Now, navigate to your wp-content/themes folder from the FTP software.
  5. From the left panel, select the unzipped theme folder > Right click on it > select “upload”.
    Upload WordPress Themes using FileZilla FTP

That’s it! Your new theme is uploaded to your server. Next, you’ll have to activate it.

How to Activate WordPress Theme?

No matter from where you uploaded your WordPress themes, all will rest in the Appearance > Themes section. Go there and select the theme you’ve just uploaded and then click on “Activate”.