How to Perform A/B Testing on Adsense Ads?

Google Adsense is the most popular and one of the best monetization methods to earn money online through blogs. The earnings from the Adsense ads depend on several factors which include – type of blog niche, ad placement, ad color and even the size of the Adsense ad that is displayed on your blog.

But, how will you know which Adsense ad works well with your blog design & niche? This is where the A/B testing comes to the scene.

Adsense A/B Testing is the best method to find out which Adsense Ad unit/format is giving you the best results i.e., which ad unit is getting the highest CTR and CPC. Placing the right ad format at the right place will help you to earn more. There are many best Adsense placements suggested by popular bloggers, but in reality it differs from site to site. The ad formats placed on my site may not suit your blog niche or design. The only way to find it out is by performing A/B testing on your Adsense ads .

How to Perform A/B Testing on Google Adsense Ads?

Let’s take for example, I displayed an ad at the top menu (728 x 90) which is a text+image ad. But, I wanted to test the 468 x 60 ad unit in its place just to determine which ad format is performing well for me.

PS: You’ll need to create two different ad units to test out. In my case, I created 728 x 90 and 468 x 60 ads using the Adsense Dashboard and also gave the channels an appropriate name as it helps while comparing the results.

Perform A/B Split Testing on Adsense Ads

As per Adsense ToS, you’re not supposed to edit or modify the existing ad code, but Google has given a consideration just for the A/B testing and that too without editing the code.

Tip: Make your Adsense Ads Responsive w/o violating the ToS

All you need to do is to place your two ads’ code in the below JS script

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var random_number = Math.random();
if (random_number < .5){
// first ad unit code
} else {
// second ad unit code
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

Just replace the above two lines in red with your ad code (first ad unit and second ad unit respectively) and place the entire javascript code where you originally placed your ads (the placement which you wanted to test).

The correct usage of the Adsense A/B testing code is as follows.

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var random_number = Math.random();
if (random_number < .5){
google_ad_client = “pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXX”;
google_ad_slot = “12345”;
google_ad_width = 728;
google_ad_height = 90;
} else {
google_ad_client = “pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXX”;
google_ad_slot = “56789”;
google_ad_width = 468;
google_ad_height = 60;
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

The concept behind this ad code is, it displays random ad unit for every few page impressions and so the two ad units will get some clicks which help you to determine which Adsense ad unit out of these two is getting the high CTR or CPC.

After a due course of time (my suggestion would be a week or two), just go to your Adsense Reports, click on “Ad Units” and check which ad unit is performing well. You can also make use of the Abtester tool to judge your results. And then replace the existing javascript code with higher earning ad unit code (regular/actual JS code provided by Adsense).

Note: You can perform a variety of testings other than just an Ad unit test. For example, you can test the same ad units with different color formats to determine which color ads are performing well. In my tests, I’ve found that the text-only ad below the post title works fine. Both the 728×90 and 468×60 have given me the similar results.

Adsense A/B Testing : Possible Test Cases

  • Testing Ad formats – Textonly, Image Only and Text+Image
  • Testing Ad sizes – 768×90, 468×60, 336×280, 300×250 and 160×600 (these were the best performing ad units. I didn’t find the newly introduced ad units like 300×600 and 970×90 giving good results)
  • Test Ad colors – Same color as your blog design, contrast colors, with and without borders etc…
  • Ad Placement Testing – Beside Logo, Top-Right Sidebar, Under the Post tile, End of the Article, Middle-Right of the sidebar and so on based on your blog layout.

That’s it! There is no guarantee that the techniques that work for me works for you too. It depends on several factors and the only way to find it is through testing it personally. So, start testing right ahead and improve your Adsense earnings.

Clicksor Publisher Review

Clicksor is a contextual ad serving program which is one of the best Adsense alternatives (from my personal experience), especially for the entertainment blogs. The only disadvantage of Clicksor is the pop-up ads that annoy the user, but this can be reduced by increasing the frequency gap from 1 to 10 in Ad set up so that only a single pop-up is displayed for every 10 page views.

Clicksor Review

Benefits of Clicksor Publisher Program

  • Fast Payment: They pay once every 15 days and the minimum payout is $50. Modes of payment include “Check, PayPal, Wired Transfer”.
    Revenue Share: Clicksor gives you a revenue share of 85% which is again a wonderful option.
  • Set Up Alternate Ads: Don’t want to show ads of low CPC/CPM? You can simply opt to show your default ads instead of low CPM/CPC ads, so that you have no unsold traffic.
  • Referral Income: You get additional income of 10% every time a publisher/Advertiser is referred by you to Clicksor’s network. You can as well earn 10% commission of daily earnings from referred publishers and daily advertising spending by the referred advertisers, for the first one year.

Types of Advertisements

  • There are different formats of advertisements in the Clicksor program which include Banner ads, Pop-Unders, XML feeds, layer ads, search boxes, inline text ads.
  • The inline text ads are contextually driven and work similar to Infolinks and Kontera Inline ads. A small ad appears when these text ads are hovered over.

Who Can Get Benefited from Clicksor Advertising Program?

Websites which have huge impressions (Entertainment blogs) can get a good income from Clicksor. Tech Blogs should stay away from this.

Can I Place Clicksor ads along with Google Adsense on my Blog?

Absolutely no! Doing so may result in the banning of your Adsense account. However, you can use them along with any other ad network without any issues.

Clicksor Sign Up

It’s fast and easy to sign up with Clicksor. No tax forms needed. The only thing is that you need to meet the below criteria.

Clicksor Publisher Signup

  1. A web site must have minimum 5,000 page views per day
  2. Must be 18+ or need to have signed permission from his parent/guardian
  3. English-only sites

Customer Support

You can get support from Clicksor staff via Email, Support Tickets, Live chat and Phone (Mon-Fri from 9am to 6pm).

Suggestion: Use Clicksor Ads only on Entertainment Sites or Forums because they’ll have huge impressions compared to that of a tech blog.

Link: Clicksor Publisher Signup

Review of Google Adsense New Ad Units: 300×600 and 970×90

Google has introduced a new Adsense ad unit called “Large Skyscraper” with dimensions 300×600 a few months back. It has become a big talk in the Internet circle among webmasters that this large ad unit will boost their CTR unlike anything. Unfortunately, this has not been the case in reality as the new ad unit is giving less CPC as there are no advertisers for this ad format. Most of the times, people are seeing 1 or 2 ads appearing in the space while the rest is left empty.
Adsense 300x600 Ad Unit Performance
As this resulted in a big fail, Google has launched another ad unit called ‘Large Leaderboard’ with dimensions 970×90 a few days back. Even this format is new and so there are less advertisers for image rich ads and so by default 728×90 ad format is being displayed for image ads while for text ads, it is working great. The CTR for this new ad unit is pretty decent as of now.
Adsense Super Leaderboard Review
If you’re planning to change your ad units with the newly launched ad units like Large Skyscraper or the Large Leaderboard, I’d suggest you to go with the latter as the 300×600 will occupy a lot of space in your sidebar pushing all the important elements to the bottom of the page.

And when creating the Leaderboard ad unit, remember to chose Text/Image-rich ads for better targeting.

Note: You may not see higher CTR or CPC immediately when any ad unit is placed. It would take some time to improve or attract advertisers.

Ideal Placement for 970×90 Ad Unit

Coming to the placement of the Super Leaderboard, it’s better if you place it under the navigation menu (center aligned) as this can only be fitted into that area for any blog.

The above review is solely based on my experience and it may differ from blog to blog and niche to niche. If you’ve used the ad units on your blog, please do share your views with us in the comments.

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Best URL Shorteners to Make Money

Making money through the Internet is not that tough if you know the exact way. There are several ways through which one can earn money online such as Content Writing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Surveys, Link Selling, Advertising etc… Another good method of earning a decent income is by using the paid URL shortener services.

If your website or blog provides download links, then you can use these URL shorteners to earn additional income.

How Paid URL Shortener Services Function?

These URL shorteners will act as a medium to advertisers and publishers. Advertisers will bid on the advertisements and these URL shortening websites will show ads when someone clicked on your shortened link. He’ll have to wait for atleast 5 seconds in order to go to the actual link. This is where the advertisers or these services get benefited. In addition, you get some commission for sending traffic to those advertisements.

Make Money with URL Shortener Websites

  1. The first and the most active URL shortener in the list is It pays you around $4 for every 1000 visitors you refer. In addition to that, you get 20% commission on your referral’s earnings (if you referred any). Minimum payment threshold is $5 and payments are done through either PayPal or Payza.
  2. Bc.Vc: They pay $4 for every 1000 visitors and 20% commission on the earnings your referrals make. Payment through PayPal on 1st Monday of every month ($5 min. Threshold).
  3. Earn $4 for every 1000 hits you send in. Get 5% commission on the earnings made by your referral. Minimum threshold is $3 and payment done through PayPal.
  4. They show surveys instead of advertisements and will pay only when someone unlocks your link by completing the survey. Chances are very less to get paid as users will get irritated with these surveys and leave without filling it. 10$ min payment threshold and payments via PayPal, Moneybookers and Amazon vouchers. I personally don’t recommend this site but have included it in the list as their pay is good.
  5. They pay you when people referred through your link buys a product. Unlike other URL shorteners, you’ll be paid some part of the affiliate commission.
  6. Earn 90% of what URLCash gets from your links. In addition, earn 35% of what your referrals earn + 13% of what your referrals referrals make and so on.. Excellent money making opportunity.

I’ve listed only the best URL shorteners out there that pay on time. If you know any other good sites, please do comment and I’ll add those to the list.

Importance of Niche Blogging & List of Profitable Adsense Niches

Writing blogs is a pretty common way of becoming popular nowadays. Add to that the option of earning some extra bucks through the internet. Niche blogs are the topic specific blogs which are written keeping in mind a certain section of the online visitors. They appeal only to a small portion of the market or niche, and that is the reason they are named so. Suppose the niche concerned is fish food. The posts in this case will be centered on fishes, fish foods and natural fish foods. Whenever a blogger starts writing about any topic, the focus is always on information and the way in which it is presented to the visitors. The viewers who read the blogs are doing so mainly because of two reasons:

  1. They are looking for information which they hope to find in your blog.
  2. In case they are regular visitors to your site, they continue to visit it since they trust you to give them the right information.

The Importance of Niche Blogging

Niche Blogging and its Importance

  • In fact information is the key selling tool, which decides the fate of your article or the product which it is promoting. This is where the importance of the niche blogs lies. Moreover, blogs have a major advantage. They give you the option to syndicate the content you are writing using the RSS, which stands for the Real Simple Syndication. With the help of this simple technology, you can syndicate your articles, eBooks, mp3 files, product reviews etc. Once you are affiliated to the network of niche blogs, you can attach an RSS feed with your posts, so that your visitors get the option of subscribing to it. This increases the visibility of your posts. Once a certain person subscribes to your posts using the RSS Feed, he/she will be the first person to get the notification about your next update. As the niche blogs are centered on a specified topic, the RSS Feed is extremely important for these. Together, they make a great marketing tool.
  • Blogs have always maintained an extremely friendly relationship with the Search Engines. When it comes to the Niche Blogs, every time you post one, the Search Engines are pinged and the RSS Directories come to know that a fresh content is there for them to index. The more you write, the more the search engines have to index. And this promotes the amount of traffic to your blogs.
  • Niche blogs are also important in the sense that you can get related ads directed to your blog. You can achieve this with the help of Google Adsense. This obviously increases your profits. Google will take care of displaying the related ads regarding your blog, along with your marketing message.
  • Depending on your situation at home, you can easily start a home-based niche blogging business. It is very easy and all it needs is committed in what you are doing, and a few basic steps. The best thing about opening a niche blogging business is it does not need any sort of capital investment. What it requires mostly is time and commitment. So if you have a very tight schedule and are not quite sure about the amount of time you can afford for this, it is not the right choice for you. These kind of blogs need to be updated daily, and this requires time and effort on your part. However, if this is just an extra earning option for you then there is one catch to it. You can do the job of writing all the posts any one day of the week. Once the writing is completed, you can easily post them throughout the week.
  • If you are not that into writing, but still want to start a niche blogging business you can very easily get someone to ghost-write the articles for you. Alternative routes are always possible with niche blogging. No doubt it has become such a rage nowadays. One important detail should always be kept in mind regarding these. There are many niche blogs which don’t get started. The best way to start your business is to go about it slowly. One or two blogs at first, and then you can speed up depending on the response from the visitors.

Niche Blogging is all about targeting the right information and the right viewers. That is why a little amount of research always needs to be done before selecting the niche on which you will be focusing for your blogs. This is the thing about which utmost care has to be taken. Once you select the right niche, proper promotion is all your niche blogging business will need to flourish.

List of High Paying Adsense Niches

  1. Health: Weigh Loss & Fitness, Anti-aging, Cancer, Dentistry and Orthodontics
  2. Insurance: Car and auto insurance, Health and Medical Insurance
  3. Computers & Internet: Computer Hardware, Computer Repairs, PC and Internet Security, Dedicated Hosting, ISP and Networking, Online Degree, SEO software and tools, Web Development, Stock Broking (Blogging niche falls in the Internet category)
  4. Banking and Finance: Loans and Mortgage, Credit and Finance, Debt consolidation
  5. Legal representation: Searches for attorney increased the bidding rate for this niche
  6. Digital Photography: digital photography schools, certificate, digital photography education, Careers in photography
  7. Psychotherapy: We can include this category in health, but i think it is best to treat this as a different niche as it gives more adsense revenue as a separate site.
  8. Real Estate: A damn good niche for getting good adsense income. Google pays nice price for clicks on these Real Estate related ads.
  9. Consumer Electronics: Gadgets, Mobiles and many other Electronic devices
  10. Antiques and Collectibles: Another good niche to choose for getting high adsense income.
  11. Dating: There are Lots of lonely hearts out there and the online dating sites are willing to pay more money to find them.

And most of all, if the niche you’re blogging is your passion, then your blog will do wonders. Stay focused and keep Blogging 🙂