Bluehost Cyber Monday Sale 2013: $0.99/mo & FREE Domain

Bluehost is byfar the best shared hosting service I’ve ever used. I’ve been using the Bluehost servers for the past 5 years and till date I have not encountered any issues with either their hosting or the support. You can read my genuine Bluehost review here where I’ve written everything in detail.

Bluehost normally offers unlimited shared hosting plans at $6.95 per month basis. However, that price could be reduced to $4.95 per month if you book it for a 3 year term. However, using the special discount codes, you can get the same 3 year Bluehost hosting plan at $3.95 per month which is almost 50% OFF on the regular price.

Bluehost Cyber Monday Sale 2013

Lucky for those who’re looking to purchase a shared hosting server which is great in terms of service and support. On this Cyber Monday, Bluehost hosting will be available for only $0.99 per month along with a FREE domain name of your choice.
Bluehost Cyber Monday Discount Sale

How to Grab the Bluehost Cyber Monday Offer?

As this is a one day sale, you’ll have to visit the Bluehost site on December 2, 2013 (12:01am-11:59pm MST) i.e., 12.30 PM on December 2nd in India (IST). You can use the time converter to know your local timings.

  1. Visit this special link on December 2nd.
  2. Click on ‘Sign up now’ button.
  3. Next, enter a domain name of your choice (It is FREE! Choose any name of your choice which is available).
  4. Then, provide the account details, package you’d like to opt for and billing information. It is recommended to go for longer period to save more money on hosting.
  5. Pay the hosting fee and you’re done.

That’s all! You’ll now get your cPanel login details to your mail address. Once you logged in, you can install WordPress on your Bluehost server and start Blogging.

Don’t forget to share how much you’ve saved on your Bluehost purchase during the Cyber Monday sale. Happy Savings 🙂

Optimal Hosting Review | Free Cloud Hosting for 6 Months

We’ve discussed about the best WordPress hosting providers earlier. As per my opinion, they’re the best hosting sites I came across till date. But recently I landed on another upcoming Cloud hosting service called ‘Optimal Hosting’ where they’re offering free WordPress hosting for 6 months. That means you can try Optimal Hosting for 6 months and then decide whether to continue with them or not based on their quality of the service. Their hosting plans and rates are quite flexible and affordable as well.

Optimal Hosting Features & Plans

They’re primarily into Cloud Hosting service which can be customized according your needs. You’ll be offered with additional marketing features and coupons of over $250 in advertising credits.

With your hosting account, you’ll get to host unlimited domains with unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth. That means you can have unlimited emails as well as databases. The Linux based cPanel enables you to manage all your hosting features at one place and the interface is pretty similar to the most cPanels out there. So, you don’t have to worry about getting confused using your cPanel as everything is straightforward.

Standard Features of Cloud Hosting Service

The popular stats and logging apps like Awstats and Webalizer allows you to monitor your traffic & bandwidth details directly from the dashboard itself.

Emails & Connectivity

With Optimal Hosting’s unlimited email storage, you can easily configure your emails on POP3 and IMAP + they support all mobile platforms such as Android, Blackberry and iOS. You can also access your emails online through the Webmail apps provided by Optimal Hosting.

One-Click Software Installations

Using Fantastico, you can install WordPress, Joomla, Bulletin, Drupal and most other popular website management platforms with just a single click.

e-Commerce Integration

For those who wish to sell products through their website, Optimal Hosting offers several e-Commerce plugins like OS Commerce, Agora Shopping Cart etc. And all these can be easily integrated into your website with just a few clicks. Other useful e-Commerce features include SSL secure server, Paypal support, Password protected directories and much more.

e-Commerce Integration - Optimal Hosting

Cloud Hosting Technology

Optimal Hosting is based on the latest Cloud hosting technology where the servers are planted across two continents in different cities of Europe & North America. Having its servers at completely different locations reduces the chances of breakdowns or server failures. With such confidence, Optimal Hosting guarantees 99.99% uptime as well as hack-free guarantee to all its customers.

Cloud Hosting Technology

This is the same concept applied by WPEngine where you don’t have to worry about security threats at all. Everything is taken care by them automatically.

Awesome Customer Support

Free Cloud Hosting ServiceLike every other fresh start up companies, Optimal Hosting also has a proactive customer support team (24/7) where they try to resolve each and every query of the customers. You can contact them at their main sup. Telephone number as well as by rising a ticket. In case you’re struck at somewhere, they’ve had a well-maintained video library where you can find answers to almost all common problems.

Pricing of the Cloud Hosting Service

Optimal Hosting is charging about $6.96 per month for the standard hosting package for a 3 year contract. However, they are offering the same cloud hosting plan free for the first 6 months along with a free domain name registration which is valid for 1 year after which you need to renew it on your own. So, you can simply try their cloud hosting service for 6 months and then judge the quality of their service. If it is good and is fulfilling all your requirements, then you can happily continue with them. After all, $6.96 will be a pretty good deal once you consider the quality & reliability of their service.

Final Thoughts: Worth a Try. Give it a shot and then decide yourself.

HTTP Status Codes, Their Meaning and SEO Benefits

You might’ve encountered the term “HTTP status code” for sure if you’re a webmaster or a web developer or in any way related to the websites.

Every time you enter a website address in your web browser, a request is made by the browser to your server for that particular page and in response a HTTP status code is generated by the web server before the actual data (page) is rendered on your browser.

However, these HTTP codes are just meant for browsers and not for human visitors. The web browsers use these status codes to know about the present condition of a webpage, whether it is in a healthy state or not.

You can find different HTTP status codes, each for a different purpose. However, only a few of those are known to the users. So, this article will help you identify all such unknown HTTP status codes, their meanings and the link juice (SEO benefits) that will be passed/carried if you use these codes.

How to Check the HTTP status code of a particular webpage?

You can simply go to the HTTP Status Code Checker and enter your webpage URL and click on “Check Server Headers”.

Note: You can check single or multiple URLs at once by choosing the “Single URL” or “Batch URL” options.

List of HTTP Status Codes, Meanings & the Link Juice They Pass

HTTP Status code Type Description Link Juice (SEO Benefit)
200 Success The page has been served properly.  Carried
201 Success The requested page has been served properly and a new page is created during the request. Depends
202 Partial success The server has received the request for the webpage and is currently processing it. Carried
203 Partial success The server has received the request for the webpage and it is waiting for a resource from another page. Carried
204 Partial success The server processed the request for the webpage but no content has been returned due to an error. Carried
205 Partial success Same as 204 but this time the server is waiting for the user to complete a specific action. Carried
206 Partial Success The server received a partial GET request from the user. Carried
300 Redirection The server is waiting the user to take an action so that it can fetch a new source Depends
301 Redirected The old URL/page has been permanently moved to a new location/URL. Carried
302 Redirected The old page has been temporary moved to a new location. However, the user should continue to use  the old URL in the future. Not carried
303 Conditional redirection The user is requested to do some action (GET request) so that the current page may redirect to another resource. The GET request is conditional. Not carried
304 Conditional redirection The user has performed some action (conditional GET request) but the current page was not modified. Not carried
305 Redirected The user can only access the requested page using a proxy. Not carried
306 Redirected The server is fetching the page from another location but it will soon fetch the page C34from its older source. This status code is rarely used over a 302. Not carried
Request Errors
400 Fail Wrong syntax sent by the user Not carried
401 Authentication required The page is behind a login and/or requires an authentication from the user. Not carried
403 Forbidden The server denied the request. Not carried
404 Page does not exist The requested page is not found on the server. Not carried
405 Not allowed The server is not allowing any request to the page for this user. Not carried
406 Not allowed The server can’t respond to the request at this time. Not carried
407 Proxy required The resource must be requested via a proxy. Not carried
408 Timed out The server timed out performing the request. Not carried
409 Conflict The user’s action has given rise to a conflict of resource. Not carried
410 Permanently removed The page has been permanently removed from the server. Not carried
Server Errors
500 Internal Server error The server is facing issues with some internal configuration and thus unable to fulfill the request at this time Not carried
501 Not recognized The server is not equipped to understand the type of request sent Not carried
502 Bad gateway While fulfilling the current request, the server received an incorrect response from its upstream server Not carried
503 Server not available The server is facing downtime or is currently unavailable Not carried
504 Gateway timeout The server is acting as a gateway or a proxy server to another resource and didnt received a timely request from the user Not carried
505 Server does not support protocol The server is not configured to support the HTTP protocol version that is used in the request Not carried

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

Are you just starting with your first WordPress blog, then make use of our WordPress for Beginners Guide. Today, I’d like to share my experience of different hosting services I used for hosting my WordPress blogs till date. At this time of writing, I am hosting 13 different blogs on 3 different shared hosting sites – BlueHost, HostGator and WPEngine. I’ve tried few other hosting services like GoDaddy, DreamHost, JustHost etc…but nothing gave me a good satisfaction like the above 3 sites. Of-course, each has their own advantage and disadvantages. Let’s now discuss this in detail.

Why I Don’t Recommend Free Hosting Services?

There are several websites that offer you a free hosting service. The offer may look attractive but let us see what happens after you set up your blog on such free hosting sites.

  • Usually, these sites which give you hosting for free will neither handle your queries nor does support if your site got hacked.
  • As these sites are used by lakhs of people, there are more chances for your site to go down more often. As it’s a free service, you don’t or won’t have the right to ask them.
  • Sometimes, they take down your website or blog for just silly reasons without giving you a notice.

Like such, there are ‘n’ number of disadvantages or problems in using a free WordPress hosting site.

Best Recommended WordPress Hosting Sites

Although I’ve used several hosting sites, I’m not going to share all that list. Just limiting my list to the top 3 best hosting sites for WordPress powered blogs. All these three hosting providers charge you less than $10 per month and using the discount coupons provided by me, you can save a huge amount.

BlueHost (Recommended Hosting Site for Decent Traffic)

Bluehost $3.95 Discount Code
It is one of the best webhosting company which provides quality WordPress hosting @6.95$ per month. Even recommends BlueHost as the #1 hosting site. They’ve won the best hosting site continuously for five years. The blog you’re reading (9to5Blogger) is hosted on the quality servers of BlueHost. They offer 1 free domain, unlimited hosting, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel and a lot of additional features to get you started. Read our tutorial in case you’ve trouble Installing WordPress on BlueHost.

Recommended: BlueHost Review & BlueHost Discount Link

HostGator (Recommended Hosting Site for Medium Traffic)

Hostgator Discount of 25%
It is my second and one of the most trusted hosting companies on which I host a few ET blogs which receive high traffic. HostGator is good at handling huge traffic sites, powered by W3 Total Cache. You’ll find no downtime or server issues and the customer support is an added advantage as you’ll get your queries answered in a very less time. They offer quick CloudFare integration right from the cPanel in order to make your blog load faster. In case you’re having trouble with Installing WordPress on HostGator, go through our guide.

Recommended: Get a 25% discount on HostGator hosting using our Link.

WPEngine (Recommended Hosting Site for High Traffic)

WPEngine Discount Code
It is one of the most secured and professional hosting site for serious bloggers. However, the price of WPEngine hosting is a bit out of reach for small bloggers. But if you’ve a blog that gets around 1 lakh visitors a month or more, then I’d strongly recommend you to go with WPEngine. They charge around $99 per month. However, you can signup for a full-year and get 2 months free of hosting.

Recommended: Get 2 months Free Hosting at WPEngine

There are also few other hosting services like DreamHost, GoDaddy, JustHost etc…which don’t even match the quality that the above sites offer and none of them have fulfilled my requirements too.

Note: All the above recommended sites offer a 60 days money back guarantee and so If you don’t like them, simply cancel your hosting account and they’ll refund your total amount with no questions asked.

BlueHost Review: Is it Good or Bad? MY Honest Review

Are you vigorously searching for the best shared hosting provider on the Internet? If so, end your search right now! I’ve come up with the review of BlueHost, one of the most preferred hosting sites, especially for WordPress blogs. If you’ve noticed clearly, this blog (9to5blogger) is hosted on BlueHost’s excellent server which can handle sites with traffic ranging from small to medium without any failure.

P.S: I’ve said it clearly that BlueHost could only handle websites with decent traffic and not any heavy traffic blogs as all our blogs will share a common server, and so the price is pretty cheap compared to other hosting providers out there.

If yours is a new blog or is receiving decent traffic (say 10,000 visits per day), then you should consider going with BlueHost.

Note: My other blog ‘TechZene’ receives up to 12k to 15k visits per day and is happily hosted on BlueHost shared servers without any issues till date. I’m sure one can host his high traffic blogs on BlueHost by integrating CDN and cache plugins into his blog which reduces the load time and so more resources won’t be used by your blog.

BlueHost Review

BlueHost is one of the best shared hosting providers in the web hosting industry since 1996. They are known for their high quality shared hosting services with the powerful servers across the different parts of the world. Currently, there are over 2 million domain owners who hosted their sites on BlueHost and the count is increasing in thousands every month.

Read our tutorial if you’re looking to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress

Features of BlueHost Hosting

Enjoy the below unlimited features with your standard WordPress hosting.

Bluehost $3.95 Discount Code

Unlimited Domains & Disk Space

You don’t need to have multiple hosting accounts in order to host multiple domains. With just a single hosting account from BlueHost, you can host unlimited domains and sub-domains without paying a single penny extra. In addition to the domain hosting, you can as well host/upload unlimited amount of data.

Free Doman Name

Don’t like to spend extra amount on domain name, then get a brand new domain name of your choice for free along with the hosting. Your domain stays with you for free for one year, after which you can renew it at a discounted price.

Free Website Builder

Don’t you have any idea about creating a website? Don’t worry! This is why BlueHost has introduced the website builder, which helps you create your first website with simple drag and drop with lots of ready made templates.

BlueHost Control Panel

With the in-built cPanel, you can manage all your hosted domains, databases, script installations, and files much more easily.

Best cPanel Hosting Provider

Email Support

Do you want an email address that represents your company brand? If so, you can use the BlueHost’s Email setup to have an email ID like “”. In addition, you can create ‘n’ number of user accounts which can be given to your employees.

Technical Support

BlueHost has won best support award continuously for five years. Their team of technical persons understands the problems faced by the customers and respond in a friendly manner. As of on writing this post, BlueHost has support for Email, Phone and Live Chat. Mostly, prefer the Live Chat or Phone Support for instant solutions to your problems.

BlueHost Pricing for Hosting Plan

In case you’re looking for the cheapest hosting providers, then BlueHost is not for you. Because, quality doesn’t come for cheap prices. The basic plan of BlueHost will cost you $6.95 per month. However, you can avail the same plan at a discounted price of $4.95 per month if you SignUp through us for 3 years. Below are the pricing details in brief.

BlueHost 3.95 Hosting Coupon

  • 1 year plan (12 months): $6.95/month
  • 2 year plan (24 months): $5.95/month
  • 3 year plan (36 months): $4.95/month

So, if you wanted to purchase the 1 year plan, then you can get it for $4.95/month instead of $6.95/month, just by using our Signup link. To get it for even more less price ($4.95/month), you’ll have to purchase it either for 2 or 3 years.

Another interesting and the most discussed feature that isn’t available on other sites is the “Anytime money-back guarantee”. Yes, you can cancel your account anytime and get back your amount immediately. Isn’t it interesting!

BlueHost Server Uptime

If you’re facing server downtime/outage issues with other hosting providers, then BlueHost will come as a rescue for you. Bluehost Is giving away an uptime guarantee of 99.99%.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting

Most people prefer BlueHost for WordPress blogs as it is more secure and reliable web hosting site. That’s why even has recommended BlueHost at the top among its list of hosting providers. Currently, more than 850000+ WP blogs are hosted on BlueHost and this isn’t a small number.

BlueHost One-Click WordPress Installer

One of the main advantages of BlueHost is their one-click WordPress installer which helps you create a wordpress blog in seconds without needing to manually install those scripts by yourself. You can access all your sites from your cpanel. Isn’t it cool!

SignUp Link: BlueHost $4.95/month Discount Link