How to Install Ghost CMS on Local Server?

Install Ghost Blogging Platform Locally

We need a SIM card to make our mobile work and in the same way a CMS is needed in  order to create a website or blog. There are many different Blogging CMS out there on the Internet and to simplify Blogging, yet another CMS is being developed – “”. is a simple blogging platform which is available in two variants just like WordPress CMS.

  • Self-hosted (you’ll have to download & install it on your node.js enabled web server, just like WordPress.Org)
  • Hosted (Like WordPress.Com)

Unfortunately, CMS can’t be installed on any shared hosting servers for now and you should use only the servers that support node.js. Anyhow, it is not a wise move to install CMS on a live server for now as it is still in the infant stage.

How to Install Ghost CMS on Local Server (PC)?

In order to install Blogging Platform on your local computer, you’ll need Bitnami Ghost installer. In case if you like the CMS, you can easily deploy it to a live server from the same.

  1. Go to the Bitnami website and download stack (~50MB).
  2. Once downloaded, install the stack by following the onscreen instructions.
  3. While doing so, you’ll be prompted to assign IP, admin account and password. For IP, you can either use the default address ( or assign any available one.

It just takes less than 5 minutes for the installer to install Ghost blogging platform on your local server.

How to Work with Ghost Blogging Platform?

Working with CMS is pretty easy. Unlike WordPress, Ghost dashboard will have two panes, one for composing the post and the other for previewing it.

In order to login to your admin panel, simply append /ghost/ at the end of your IP (provided in step 3).


You’ll be then forwarded to your login page where you’ll need to enter the admin details such as email & password.

To create a new post, simply click on the ‘+New Post’ option found in the menu bar. As Ghost uses an HTML composer, you’ll need to use the provided markups in order to style your content. You can access these markups from within the composer window itself.

Once you have finished writing your post, simply choose ‘Publish now’ option from the bottom-right menu and click on it again to make your post live.

If you’ve used Ghost blogging platform, please don’t forget to share your opinions or views in the comment section below.

Different Styles of Blogging in 2014

When it comes to Blogging, many get confused in choosing the right niche to blog about. To clear their dilemma, here is a simple thumb rule for selecting the most profitable niche.

  • List your interests by topic on an Excel sheet. Choose only the topics you’re good at as it will help you in the long run.
  • Go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (now Keyword planner) and enter your first keyword. You’ll now get the list of related keywords as well as other information such as the number of people searching for those keywords as well as the CPC (more important) for those keywords.
  • Repeat the step 2 for all your listed keywords separately for each one and then using your Excel skills (sorting), decide which niche is profitable for you. If you’re still confused in deciding the niche, see the next step.
  • Go to Amazon, ClickBank, Shareasale etc… and search for the products that may suit your selected topics. In case if you’ve more number of products to promote, that would be the most profitable niche for you. (Remember, Adsense is not the only program to earn money online. There are many bloggers who earn lakhs from selling products as Affiliates. The blog you’re reading now is monetized by ClickBank + Hosting Affiliates and not Google Adsense).

Good sign: If your selected niche is having good CPC as well as enough number of products to promote, then it would be the best niche to blog about.

How to Do Keyword Research? [Video Tutorial with Live Examples]

That’s it! Now, you can go to your favorite domain registrar (my favorite is Godaddy) and book your domain. Next, choose the best WordPress hosting (I prefer Bluehost) and set up your blog. In case you don’t want to spend much in the beginning, you can go with Blogger platform which is free as well as efficient and later migrate from Blogger to WordPress easily.

Now, let us come to our main topic. You might have noticed many Bloggers referring to the terms Niche, Micro-niche etc… Let me add another term here which is ‘mini niche’. In case you’re confused with these terms, let me explain them in detail.

Different Styles of Blogging

Different Types of Blogging

Niche Blogging

Instead of going for a general topic, many webmasters usually go with Niche Blogging as it will help them target custom audience who’re interested in that particular area. Surprisingly, when you start a niche blog, you should cover each and every topic related to that niche.

For example, if you consider a health niche, then you should cover all the topics that come under the subject ‘Health’. This makes your job even tougher because being a single author, it is a pretty tough job. So, people usually consider micro-niches.

Pro: Huge traffic (in case successful) and obviously huge earnings.

Con: Huge competition. You’ll have to update 3-4 informative posts daily to rank well which is a bit tough if done single handedly.

Micro Niche Blogging

Rather than covering different topics, webmasters generally write about a specific category.

For example, ‘prostate cancer’ is a micro niche topic where you’ll just write about the disease called prostate cancer and nothing else. There are more chances of getting closer-targeted people who’re just looking for the information about prostate cancer. So, the chances are high that your blog will become an authority blog in that specific category (if utilized well).

Pro: Can become authoritative. It is somewhat easy to rank for the targeted terms.

Con: You’ll be out of topic ideas after some point of blogging. As you’ve selected a specific category, you’ll be limited to just a certain number of posts which lands in you in dilemma whether to continue it or not and if not updated regularly, you’ll lose your rankings for sure.

Mini Niche Blogging

Here comes the interesting part. Mini niches are those where you can stay in the competition while getting ranked high in the search engines for different topics.

For example, ‘Cancer’ is a mini niche topic where you can write about different types of cancers in detail.

Pro: You’ll have a decent number of topics to cover while still ranking well for different keywords.

Con: I don’t really find any demerits in mini niches. So, it is pretty beneficial for everyone.

That’s it! Hope, I’ve covered the differences between niches, mini niches and micro niches in Blogging. Here are my thoughts about these three styles of Blogging.

  • Niche Blogs – Suitable for Well-experienced Bloggers and those with dedicated staff.
  • Mini Niche Blogs – Suitable for webmasters with moderate experience (2-4 years) and also for those who can afford to hire at least a single writer to assist them. Experienced bloggers can also bank on with mini niches.
  • Micro Niche Blogs – Suitable for beginner bloggers who single handedly write for their blogs. All the experienced bloggers can also bank on with the micro niche blogs.

Now, it is your turn to decide under which category you fall and which type of Blogging suits you. Looking for your thoughts on this?

Top 6 FREE & Paid Traffic Sources to Get Targetted Visitors

No matter how well you designed your blog or how creatively you write, your blog will go wasted if it is not properly promoted. The immediate thing I do after writing an article is to promote it using several link building techniques (comes under off-page optimization). The main objective of link building is to get backlinks as well as drive traffic to your website or blog. In general there is a huge list of link building techniques in SEO (we shall discuss them in our future post) but for now, let us discuss the quality sources for getting targeted traffic to our blog.

Top FREE Traffic Sources for Quality & Targeted Traffic

Guest Blogging

I’ve discussed about the benefits of guest blogging long back and personally recommend this as the #1 source of quality traffic. The thumb rule here is that you’ll need to submit a well-written article on a blog of your niche. Doing so, you’ll get quality backlink, targeted traffic, and loyal readership.
Guest Blogging Basics
Targeted Traffic = Less Bounce Rate

Blog Commenting

The second best way to get quality backlink + traffic is to comment on other blogs in your niche. Don’t bother whether it is a dofollow blog or a nofollow as you’ll have to parallelly comment on both types of blogs for better traffic. While DoFollow blogs give you backlinks, nofollow blogs send you quality traffic. The thumb rule here is to choose the best or authority blogs in your niche for commenting.
DoFollow Blogs List
Recommended: List of DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites

Paid Ad Campaigns

Although, this is paid source of traffic, you can get targeted visitors to your blog i.e., people who are looking for the particular product or topic. If you’ve some money, I’d recommend you to try paid campaigns to drive targeted traffic to your website. A mere 5$ is enough to get started with Google Adwords as you can get 25$, 100$ coupons on the web (try Fiverr). There are many great Adwords alternatives on the web. We shall discuss about those in our upcoming post.

YouTube Videos

Video Blogging (viral marketing) is trending now and if you’re good at explaining things virtually, then it’s recommended to try YouTube marketing. These days most affiliate marketers are trying out the video marketing it helps in getting more lead conversions to the affiliate products they’re promoting. Just create & upload a video about any popular topic in your niche and leave your blog URL (or affiliate link) in the description. The traffic count depends on the quality of your video. So, try to provide useful information in your videos.

Social Media Marketing

It is advised to have fan pages for your blog on the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest (Not all niches will see the benefits with Pinterest) and promote your articles on your fan pages. Try to conduct some giveaways to increase fans to your fan pages. As most of the users who liked your pages are interested in your niche, there are more chances to get targeted traffic to your blog.

Note: Just to let you know – Google Adsense doesn’t give good CPC for Social media traffic (Referral traffic). You can also try to display Adsense ads only to Search Engine Visitors to improve CPC & CTR.

We shall discuss more about improving social media fans to your blog in our future post.

Email Marketing

Out of all the traffic sources, the users who subscribe to your blog will be the best loyal visitors for your blog. They subscribe only because they loved your content. So, never ignore your email subscribers. Always display an option on your blog (sidebars or popup) for users to subscribe with their Email ID. In case you wanted to optimize the email campaigns, then you can try premium services like Aweber or MailChimp.

I hope, by now, you have got the idea on how to drive quality traffic to your blog. If you got any better traffic sources that bring quality traffic to your blog, then please share with us in the below comments.

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Interview of Pradeep Kumar a.k.a Hell Bound Blogger

Hello friends, I am trying to launch the ‘ProBlogger Interviews’ section in this blog since many days but unable to do so due to some reasons. And today, I am happy to publish the first interview in the series.

First in the list is someone who is so professional in terms of his work and have attracted hundreds of guest bloggers to write on his blog. He is none other than Pradeep Kumar from HBB (Hell Bound Bloggers).

One thing I really like about him is the ability to manage number of authors single handedly which is not an easy task (atleast for me).

Let’s just don’t wait & move on to the questions. Here is the full conversation with Pradeep.

Personal Life

Pradeep Kumar HBB InterviewQ1: Well, Everyone knows about you as a Professional Blogger and how successful you are, but could you please let us know about your personal & family life a bit?

Thanks mate for this interview, happy to interact with your readers. I’m a yet-to-become graduate within 3 papers remaining, my mom is a homemaker, my dad and my bro going for some jobs, their own interest ones. Typical Indian family. 😀

Q2: How people received you once you entered into PROBlogging?

They didn’t react that much. 😀 Most of them already thought I was into ProBlogging but I was actually in my college doing my Engineering degree. I was blogging furiously those days, so people thought I was into Blogging full time, I was a part-time blogger at that time. But when I started “Slashsquare” (during my 3rd year), I took blogging very seriously.

Q3: How do you spend your free time during weekends?

I run a hectic schedule mate, so it is really difficult for me to consider weekends as special. Being a Blogger, there is not much difference between Sunday and Monday for us. 😀 But when I get free time, I used to hang out with my friends, maybe watch a couple of flicks at theater or spend time at Beach.

Q4: When are you planning to get married? Will she be a Blogger too?

LOL mate, I’m now confused whether I should get married earlier or late. 22 years old, I think I should focus on my responsibilities now, but getting a good life partner is something that should happen eventually. Maybe at 25 or 26 I’ll get married.

I will be happy to marry a female blogger, but that doesn’t mean, I differentiate a normal girl and a blogger girl. I will love any kind of girl who follows her passion.

Q5: Apart from HBB, which website are you most likely to work on (which topic interests you the most)?

HellBound Bloggers (HBB) is my main and primary blog. After that I started HostLater, to experiment my love in domain names and web hosting. Then launched MoviesDrop, my love for movies! Now working on DeviceBAR and two other blogs, hopefully launch them soon.

Professional Life

Q6: A little overview of your blogs “HBB” and “MoviesDrop” and their journey so far.

HellBound Bloggers (HBB), my first ‘serious’ blog and life changer. Things were different after I started to blog. My mind was free, my views were appreciated.

  • HBB is about Social Media, Blogging, Internet and Technology. I, sometimes, used to write off-topics related to these topics. Started on 2009, HBB overcame so many obstacles in terms of blog stats and blog income. Google Adsense was banned, and our PageRank dropped to 0. I could have ended my blogging career there, but I believed blogging is all about sharing your ideas, so why bother about income and stats. Rest is history.
  • MoviesDrop is our new addition to Slashsquare network. I love movies, especially horror and thriller genre.  This blog is around 2 months old, our love for movies will make this blog more resourceful we hope.

Q7: What do you think about the recent changes in the Google Algorithm? What’s your take on the future of Blogging & SEO?

Just like Bloggers clean our blogs by removing spam comments and spam guest posts, Google does a wonderful job by cleaning the web. Now Bloggers started to fear, fear is really important in Blogging. It is like we write exams and wait for results. Blog well, and no need to worry about results.

Future of Blogging is secure, and it will be enhanced further. But people may opt for video blogging or infographics, as they explain stuffs more clearly. Take “The Oatmeal” for example.

Q8: What are your main sources of traffic & earnings for your blogs? % of SE, Referral and Direct.

Sharing overall report about “Slashsquare” blogs – HBB, MoviesDrop and HostLater.

Traffic: Search Engine > Social Media > Direct Traffic > Referrals

  • Search Engine includes Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Social Media includes Facebook, StumbleUpon and Twitter.
  • Direct traffic includes loyal readers and random visitors.
  • Referrals includes Yahoo! Answers, Forums, and other blogs.

Income: HellBound Bloggers (HBB) > HostLater > MoviesDrop

  • HBB’s major income sources include sponsored/paid reviews, direct banner advertisements, and other misc monetization methods.
  • HostLater undergoes some experiment in monetization.
  • MoviesDrop is virgin right now. 😀

Q9: Which is more important in terms of Search Rankings? Quality Content or Quantity of Content? Will it be possible to rank if the quantity of content is less but the quality is good?

Quality content is what matters. You can write a blog post for 300 to 400 words minimum for not disappointing your readers. They need some information.

Google and other search engines have some method to rank blog posts, like keyword density, basic SEO blah blah, etc. So also focus on that to rank better. Readers are so busy, they visit our blogs, they wait for the blog post to load, and they should not get pissed off to read a very long post which has no meaning.

Q10: Everyone suggests WordPress is the best blogging platform? But, with recent changes to Blogger, wasn’t it as useful as WordPress? Which one do you suggest in the present situation and Why?

I think there are two reasons for this – people got used to WordPress and WordPress has no limits in terms of experimenting or customizing.

Orkut was more popular than Facebook, but now even if Orkut has more features than Facebook, it won’t succeed that much. Likewise for Blogger and WordPress.

Q11: How many hours on an average do you work on each of your blogs? Any suggestions for us on the same?

If we are not publishing breaking news kinda posts then it is rather easy for us to manage our time properly. Break time is important for Bloggers. We have a life outside Blogosphere. So I usually give more preference to my break time than to my working time.

I prefer 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM the best time for Blogging, no one to disturb, no phone calls, no hangout plans, and so spooky. If you are publishing breaking news and if you are a tech blogger, then you need to plan your agenda properly. You need to make your own calendar and fill it with upcoming events and releases. So the timing varies for this one.

I spent like 7 to 9 hours per day for Blogging, so on average I spent 8 hours. I sleep for 9 hours. So I just have 7 hours to enjoy this beautiful life outside Blogosphere. 😀

Q12: What is the best way to get quality backlinks in your point of view and Why?

There are four awesome ways to generate quality backlinks:

  1. Create an infographic
  2. Write an eBook
  3. Design your own stuffs – icons, logos, and business card designs.
  4. Design a template

You need to have some talent to do any one of these, but these are the sureshot ways to get quality, I repeat, quality backlinks. But you can also try guest blogging, it is the best and easy way to generate backlinks without much time.

Q13: If you’ve been gifted a time machine and asked to correct the mistakes you’ve done in your beginning days of Blogging? What would that be?

I would go back and fix the “Blogger” to “WordPress” migration I did earlier. 😀

I just migrated without worrying about broken links, image URLs, SEO, etc. After some months I realised this, and I LOL.

Q14: What are your future career plans?

I always wanted to blog about various topics I love, so “Slashsquare” was created. I wish to have a bunch of quality blogs, like a blog network. Apart from this, I’m working on 2-3 projects which I hopefully believe, gets completed within few months.

And I have some hobbies, want to take them next level. 🙂

Q15: And last but not least, would you mind pointing us to the most useful resources about Blogging, (pls name a few useful posts you’ve written or read on other blogs for our readers).

The post which gave HBB a new look:

The posts which HBB cherishes:

Some blog posts I loved: (kinda infographic)

Finally, Would you like to give any inputs for our readers?

Pradeep: I would like to share this, it is actually a common mistake we all do, we write blog posts for a whole day, and we won’t spend some 5 to 10 minutes for proofreading. Proofreading is very important, a single word change, could crash someone’s computer or blog.

Thanks a lot Pradeep for spending your quality time for the interview. I really enjoyed your answers especially Q7, Q10 and Q12. I’m sure our readers will learn more things about Blogging from your experience.

Hi Friends, hope you liked the interview. You can contact Pradeep on Facebook & Twitter

Timeless Blogging Niches

Blogs that Lasts Long irrespective of Time

Well, today I got a mail from a blogger friend of mine asking for niches/blogs that doesn’t require regular updates & maintenance. I immediately told him that apart from news stories and product reviews, most of the niches are independent of time. However, he was curious to know everything in-depth and so I just did some homework and came up with a few timeless niches where-in you don’t have to struggle waking up in the morning and stay till dark to catch the headlines.

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Timeless Niches: Niches that are independent of Time

Content that never ExpiresFirst of all, we shall discuss about the niches that are time dependent such as technology, gadgets, news (includes everything like films, politics, weather etc…) and so on… The main disadvantage of these niches is that the content or the information you provide will go out of date quickly with time and so if you’re not updating your blog at the right time, then you’re going to end up in vein.

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However, the niches that I am going to discuss here are independent of time as the information will neither get expired nor has nothing to do with season or year.

Let’s keep it simple and short.

Relationship and Dating Tips: It is one of the most popular timeless niche where-in people come searching for relationship problems, dating ideas and so on. So, if you’re an expert dealing with people having trouble with relationships, you’re good to go with this niche. Believe me; you’re going to attract pretty good traffic if you’re good at this concept.

Note: The Adsense CPC for this niche is a bit low. However, there are pretty good chances of earning from affiliate products and that will definitely be higher than the Adsense revenue.

Health and Weight Loss: Although this niche is a bit tough to rank, chances are high to turn it into a success if you provide in-depth tutorials. And in order to achieve it, you should do a proper research on those subjects. Weight loss is an ever green niche where-in you’ll get awesome results if maintained properly.

Note: Combining both Adsense and Affiliate marketing will do wonders in this niche especially.

Life Quotes: Quotes are timeless and no matter whenever you read one, they make sense. People usually search for quotes to use several occasions, some use them to impress their beloved, some in presentations, and a read them to get inspiration in life.

Tip: Better convert life quotes text into images and then use them while posting to avoid any duplicate content issues, as the quotes shall be used unmodified.

Cooking (Recipes): Are you fond of cooking? Do you have expertise in making wide variety of dishes? Then this niche is suited for you. Try to give unique tips + video tutorials and help the housewives (especially the newly married). If you’re recipes are unique and easy to be prepared, then you’ll surely get popular in no time.

Spirituality: People now can read Bhagavatgita or famous Bible which was written thousands of years back by our ancestors and they make sense even today. So, people who get frustrated with life will opt for spirituality as their last hope to have peace.

Tip: Make use of spiritual videos to highlight your content.

Well, these are just a few niches which don’t depend on trends or seasonality. And so, if you’re fully occupied with your job or other related work and still wanted to blog, then you may consider these 5 niches as they doesn’t require you to work regularly (30min to 1hr per day or two is enough).

What do you say guys? Do you’ve any other niches in mind that need less maintenance? Please do share with us.