Free Responsive Blogger Templates: First SET

Responsive designs are booming these days with the increasing number of users browsing the web on their Smartphones. The specialty of a responsive design is it actually responds as per the user’s device screen size. So, if a user views a blog with a responsive design from his computer, mobile or tablet with any screen resolution, the theme will automatically adjust itself to the screen size of the user, thus providing him better reading experience.

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Earlier, we discussed about free Responsive WordPress Themes & Free Blogger Templates 2012 edition. So, let us look at some of the available responsive blogspot templates.

List of Free Responsive Blogger Templates

Incipient: It’s a free responsive template designed for blogspot/blogger blogs and it comes with a right sidebar and two-column footer. {Credits}
Incipient Responsive Blog Template
Demo | Download

Innovative: This responsive blogspot template is designed by Paul Santosh. It has a simple-clean layout with 1 sidebar. {Credits}
Innovative Responsive Blogger Template
Demo | Download

Chronicl: It is a simple & clean blogger template with responsive layout which is suitable mainly for content-rich blogs like technology and blogging. {Credits}
Chronicl-Blogspot Template with Responsive Layout
Demo | Download

Responsival: It is one of the first responsive templates for blogger blogs which is based on fluid designs that can adjust to different screen resolutions. {Credits}
Responsival Blogspot Template
Demo | Download

Elite Minima: Amit Agarwal of is using this responsive theme on both his WordPress and Blogspot blogs. It comes with some really cool features. {Credits}
Labnol Style Responsive Blogger Template
Demo | Download

Pinterest Clone: This particular responsive blogger theme is inspired from the popular Pinterest site. {Credits}
Pinterest Clone Responsive Design
Demo | Download

Directus: It is free responsive design created by Prayag Verma for Blogger blogs. {Credits}

Demo | Download

PS: If you know about any other good blogger templates with responsive layout, please comment below.

Simple Clean White Blogger Template

I’ve been testing different blogger templates right from the day I shifted my technology blog from WordPress to Blogger and I finally landed up creating a custom blogger template keeping in mind the user experience and friendly navigation. It worked pretty well and the bounce rate has reduced a lot as the landed user is spending a lot of time on the blog as he is able to find anything he required on the blog within just 1 or 2 clicks.

In an attempt to create such blogger design, I took some insights from an existed blogger template called “Simple Clean White” blogspot template. It is a 2 column template while mine was a 3 column. However, the look-a-like of both is same except that mine was focused more on user interactions.

Once the design went live, I got many requests from the users to tell the download link of the theme. As it was a custom design by me, I didn’t want to have the resemblance of it anywhere on the Internet and so I decided to guide them to download the look-a-like of TechZene blogger template called “Simple Clean White”. Many of them have downloaded the theme and customized it as per their needs and I am listing it here it is for our 9to5Blogger readers.

Simple Clean White Blogger Template

It has a pretty simple and clean layout with pure CSS3 multi-level drop-down menu and rounded thumbnails that rotate when mouse hovered. A 3 column footer that enables you to showcase your Blog Roll, Author Info and much more as required by you.

Simple Clean White - TechZene Look-a-like Blogger Template
Demo | Download

Best & Free Blogger Templates for 2012

Blogger is said to one of the most popular blogging platform available online after WordPress CMS. Anyone can easily get started with a blogspot blog without any coding skills. You can avail variety of blogger templates, some by default i.e., using blogger template designer and many developed by the freelancers and open-source enthusiasts. Out of those, we’ve chosen a few good looking blogger templates which are free to use.

A 2/3 column blogger template with four column footer; auto featured content; SEO optimized; magazine style; perfectly suitable for media and entertainment blogs.

Media online blogger template

Demo | Download

2/3 column template with full width featured posts slider and easy to use navigation; suitable for design blogs.

slated blogger template

Demo | Download

2 column blogger template with 1 right sidebar, 3 column footer, drop down menu and more

Design Office Blog Template

Demo | Download

Two column blogger template suitable for designing blogs

contrive free template for blogger

Demo | Download

Suitable for tech and health blogs.

blogger mint template

Demo | Download

Two column blogger template suitable for technology blogs.

adsense optimized blogger template

Demo | Download

Two column blogspot template with 3 column footer; suitable for personal blogs.

edensGarden personal blog template

Demo | Download

Magazine style blogger template with featured section, 1 Sidebar, 4 Column footer, slider, tabbed widget etc…; suitable for tech and design blogs.

Instinct magazine style blogspot template

Demo | Download

magazine style blogger template with 3 column; 2 sidebars; slider; featured posts and and a cool nav bar.

Grade 3 column blogger template

Demo | Download

Free fast loading blogger template which looks similar to Google Plus design.

Google plus lookalike blogger template

Demo | Download

Two column blogger theme with featured posts slider; suitable for general and news blogs.

fantastico free blogger template

Demo | Download

Two column magazine style blogger template with 2 sidebars and a beautiful navigation bar.

libera blogspot template

Demo | Download

A magazine style blogger template which is perfectly suitable for news blogs.

simple looking blogger template

Demo | Download

Clean, minimalist blogger template with 3 column; suitable for personal blogs.

simple charm blogger template

Demo | Download

Two column blogger template with four column footer; suitable for design and tech blogs.

myst blogger template

Demo | Download

How to Use Blogger Template Designer?

Although you write quality content, a clean looking template is always recommended as it makes the content appealing to the readers. If your blog is on blogger platform, you’ll find thousands of free blogger templates available online. However, Blogger has recently introduced its own/inbuilt template designer which helps you to easily customize the look of your blog without needing any coding skills. Simply select a template, choose colors, layout and apply. That’s it! Your blog has got a new look.

Blogger Template Designer Templates

If you’re using the old blogger interface, go to Design > Template Designer else if you’re using the new blogger interface, go to Templates > Customize.

How to Use the New Blogger Template Editor?

There is however a major drawback of using ‘Blogger Template Designer‘ templates. The blogger templates designed using this tool contains hardcore coding which is very difficult to customize if you’ve minimal or no coding skills. So, it’s advisable for newbie bloggers to choose custom blogger templates as they can implement blogger hacks to make their template more appealing and useful to the readers.