BlueHost Review and Discount Coupon

Are you vigorously searching for the best shared hosting provider on the Internet? If so, end your search right now! I’ve come up with the review of BlueHost hosting, one of the most preferred hosting sites, especially for WordPress blogs. If you’ve noticed clearly, this blog (9to5blogger) is hosted on BlueHost’s excellent server which can handle sites with traffic ranging from small to medium without any failure.

P.S: I’ve said it clearly that BlueHost could only handle websites with decent traffic and not any heavy traffic blogs as all our blogs will share a common server, and so the price is pretty cheap compared to other hosting providers out there.

If yours is a new blog or is receiving decent traffic (say 10,000 visits per day), then you should consider going with BlueHost.

Note: My other blog ‘TechZene’ receives up to 12k to 15k visits per day and is happily hosted on BlueHost shared servers without any issues till date. I’m sure one can host his high traffic blog on BlueHost by integrating CDN and cache plugins into his blog thus reducing the load time so that more number of resources won’t be used by your blog.

BlueHost Review

BlueHost is one of the best shared hosting providers in the web hosting industry since 1996. They are known for their high quality shared hosting services with the powerful servers across the different parts of the world. Currently, there are over 2 million domain owners who hosted their sites on BlueHost and the count is increasing in thousands every month.

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Features of BlueHost Hosting

Enjoy the below unlimited features with your standard WordPress hosting.

Bluehost $3.95 Discount Code

Unlimited Domains & Disk Space

You don’t need to have multiple hosting accounts in order to host multiple domains. With just a single hosting account from BlueHost, you can host unlimited domains and sub-domains without paying a single penny extra. In addition to the domain hosting, you can as well host/upload unlimited amount of data.

Free Doman Name

Don’t like to spend extra amount on domain name, then get a brand new domain name of your choice for free along with the hosting. Your domain stays with you for free for one year, after which you can renew it at a discounted price.

Free Website Builder

Don’t you have any idea about creating a website? Don’t worry! This is why BlueHost has introduced the website builder, which helps you create your first website with simple drag and drop with lots of ready made templates.

BlueHost Control Panel

With the in-built cPanel, you can manage all your hosted domains, databases, script installations, and files much more easily.

Best cPanel Hosting Provider

Email Support

Do you want an email address that represents your company brand? If so, you can use the BlueHost’s Email setup to have an email ID like “”. In addition, you can create ‘n’ number of user accounts which can be given to your employees.

Technical Support

BlueHost has won best support award continuously for five years. Their team of technical persons understands the problems faced by the customers and respond in a friendly manner. As of on writing this post, BlueHost has support for Email, Phone and Live Chat. Mostly, prefer the Live Chat or Phone Support for instant solutions to your problems.

BlueHost Pricing for Hosting Plan

In case you’re looking for the cheapest hosting providers, then BlueHost is not for you. Because, quality doesn’t come for cheap prices. The basic plan of BlueHost will cost you $6.95 per month. However, you can avail the same plan at a discounted price of $4.95 per month if you SignUp through us for 3 years. Below are the pricing details in brief.

BlueHost 3.95 Hosting Coupon

  • 1 year plan (12 months): $6.95/month
  • 2 year plan (24 months): $5.95/month
  • 3 year plan (36 months): $4.95/month

So, if you wanted to purchase the 1 year plan, then you can get it for $4.95/month instead of $6.95/month, just by using our Signup link. To get it for even more less price ($4.95/month), you’ll have to purchase it either for 2 or 3 years.

Another interesting and the most discussed feature that isn’t available on other sites is the “Anytime money-back guarantee”. Yes, you can cancel your account anytime and get back your amount immediately. Isn’t it interesting!

BlueHost Server Uptime

If you’re facing server downtime/outage issues with other hosting providers, then BlueHost will come as a rescue for you. Bluehost Is giving away an uptime guarantee of 99.99%.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting

Most people prefer BlueHost for WordPress blogs as it is more secure and reliable web hosting site. That’s why even has recommended BlueHost at the top among its list of hosting providers. Currently, more than 850000+ WP blogs are hosted on BlueHost and this isn’t a small number.

BlueHost One-Click WordPress Installer

One of the main advantages of BlueHost is their one-click WordPress installer which helps you create a wordpress blog in seconds without needing to manually install those scripts by yourself. You can access all your sites from your cpanel. Isn’t it cool! Hope you liked our review of Bluehost. Use the below signup link to get a 40% discount on your hosting i.e., get the shared hosting for $4.95 a month instead of the regular price ($6.95 per month).

SignUp Link: BlueHost $4.95/month Discount Link

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